Thursday, October 25, 2012

TV Political Add money spent in Battle Ground statess

It is really amazing that since April 10 to October 22nd 2012:

45 million dollars so far in Nevada
44 million dollars so far in Iowa
101 million dollars so far in Virginia
116 million dollars so far in Ohio

All facts from PBS NEWS on TV October 15th 2012

which might meant that if you live in any of these states and watch regular TV at all you have been lied to by both sides more than you ever have before in any single election.

The Democrats and Republicans are sort of like Political Religions always warring with each other. Which one is right and correct? I don't know if anyone can properly answer that question.

I think maybe the parties are sort of like when you marry someone you feel you have to be loyal to them whether they are right or wrong or whatever. Each election both sides tell you the world is going to end if they other party gets in power. But, the world never ends no matter what party comes into power. Nothing usually changes much at all most elections and this one might be the same.

The one big difference with this election is how much money is  involved in the election this time: This is the best government that money can buy. And whoever gets in this time is bought and paid for by the money  (1 billion dollars or more) which comes from all over the world. Do we actually have a democracy anymore? Probably not.

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