Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Gridlock and Impeachment of Trump?

This is what people are saying is a possible outcome of Democrats taking control of the House. Because now Subpoena power is in the hands of the Democratically controlled House and they can get Trump's Tax returns now and can investigate his dealings and anything shady can be revealed which can lead to his impeachment. However, it depends upon the goal of the Democrats and what they actually want to do with their newfound power?

People are also saying that the Gridlock of a Republican Senate and a Democratic House will help the Stock market do much better too. However, what happens regarding the stupid Trade War Trump started. Will that cause a world wide Great Depression when China Attacks us back where we are the most vulnerable now?

China is very aware that their success (up until now since the 1970s) depended on our success. So, Trump is a flash in the pan but America is the goose that has laid golden eggs for China. What will China do if they see a way to rid themselves of Trump now?

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