Wednesday, November 7, 2018

You and I live on Timeline 2 of the Holy Lemurian Timeline

This Timeline began when His Oneness returned to Earth 40,000 to 70,000 years ago from the Galactic Core after being trained as His Oneness of Earth by the Galactic Sentience. If you don't know what a Oneness is it is a being (usually of the home world) in this case Earth who is trained to share consciousness with the Galactic Sentience (who is the present leader of our Galaxy). The Oneness becomes literally "Time Lord" of all timelines on a planet where he is usually from but also trained by the Galactic Sentience to be a "Oneness".

The first Holy Lemurian Timeline basically (Ended) on 9-11-01 when most people on earth died that day from an accidental nuclear holocaust. It wasn't until around 7000 AD on the first timeline that permission was granted to create a 2nd timeline where no one died like before on the new 2nd timeline that we all now live on. A Third Holy Lemurian Timeline was created around 2016 when on the 3rd timeline Hillary Clinton won the presidency. On the 2nd timeline we live on Trump won not through the popular vote but through the electoral College like George W. Bush who also lost the popular vote like Trump did too. However, the Supreme Court put in Bush and Gore in order to create peace in the U.S. accepted this.

Why do we now have 3 timelines?

Because it gives us more chance to survive. For example, if Trump nukes Earth out of existence, maybe Hillary's timeline won't nuke out earth. But, Hillary's timeline the problem is human extinction through overpopulation. Trump's 2nd timeline the problem is nuking out because Global Climate change kills so many overpopulation isn't the problem on Trump's 2nd timeline as much.

There is much more suffering of people on Trump's timeline though at least in the near term. In the long term of 2080 and 2090 as the human race goes extinct in most versions of Hillary's 3rd timeline suffering worldwide is extreme between 2080 and human extinction.

The problem is trying to create a balance of some kind so humans don't go extinct this century. This is the real quandary humans are dealing with for the next couple of centuries.

The biggest problem in both timelines I see is increasing winds above 100 mph which makes growing food out in the open impossible most places on earth. This kills billions of people this century and the next. So, only people who grow underground or in strong built greenhouses wind up being fed and staying alive.

Note: I was in Portland at a Thai Restaurant recently and noticed that the fish in the aquarium from a tropical place like Hawaii there had plexiglas almost 2 inches thick to keep children or adults from accidentally breaking the glass of the aquarium which was at least 6 feet long and several fee wide and 3 to 4 feet high with tropical fish inside.

Today I realized that Plexiglas like Aquariums use like the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the one in Long Beach might be useful to prevent glass breaking in Greenhouses that could feed the world when winds get above 100 mph. Obviously most thinner plastics would be sucked off the greenhouses or most non-bulletproof windows would also be broken or sucked off greenhouses worldwide above 100 mph too.

I expect winds to be in some areas a few times a year or more 200 to 300 miles per hour especially in Hurricane prone areas around the world. I also expect storm surges because of these winds to get larger like to 30 to 50 foot storms surges also caused by extreme winds which will be primarily caused by very hot oceans and air temperatures around the world this century and the next.

For example, a storm surge this size would go almost completely over parts of Florida from one side to another (Atlantic to Gulf of Mexico)  almost in more than one place. I think we need to expect storm surges this size all along the Atlantic Coast of the U.S. as far north as Washington DC. by 2050.

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