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Above Top Secret: For Your Eyes Only

Above Top Secret:For Your eyes Only is a classification of document. This designation means usually that only the President of the United States is to be privy to this information. A Document with this title has only one copy and is authorized for only one person to read. What I would like to quote from in this article is a declassified cover letter from President Truman to incoming President Eisenhower. I first read this in 1990. It is in the end of the Appendix at the back of the book "Above Top Secret by Timothy Good" as a photocopy of the document. There are also attachments A through E which do not appear to have been declassified so are not published in the book. However, there is definitely enough information here declassified to put you at ease concerning the actual existence of the Roswell Crash and of the deceased occupants and of the government perceived necessity of a coverup. Also, when I checked the dates of the invention of the first transistor is was about 6 months after the Roswell Crash  in December 1947 and could have been reverse engineered from technology from the crash. As you read this the word "vaccuum tubes' within the documents might lend one to believe that the last touches of a workable transistor might have or likely came from technology gleaned from the Roswell Crash.

At the top of the first page of this document is stamped in large letters: TOP SECRET/ MAGIC
                                                                                                                         EYES ONLY

Begin Quotes: the letter is dated 18 November, 1952
Briefing Document: Operation Majestic 12
Prepared for President Elect Dwight D. Eisenhower:(Eyes Only)- - - end quote

I am trying to limit here the amount I want to actually quote but suffice it to say the first sighting was over Mt. Rainier in Washington of 9 disc shaped aircraft in June. When you add to that the Roswell Crash and the secret operation that began to recover it on July 7th 1947, you begin to understand why this was a secret operation and has remained so (at least in that it has been generally denied to the general public).
Begin quote: which is referring to the dead occupants of the Roswell Crash:

On 07 July, 1947, a secret operation was begun to assure recovery of the wreckage of this object for scientific study. During the course of this operation, aerial reconnaissance discovered that four small human-like beings had apparently ejected from the craft at some point before it exploded. These had fallen to earth about two miles east of the wreckage site. All four were dead and badly decomposed due to action by predators and exposure to the elements during the approximate one week time period which had elapsed before their discovery. A special scientific team took charge of removing these bodies for study. (See Attachment "C"). The wreckage of the craft was also removed to several different locations. (See Attachment "B"). Civilian and military witnesses in the area were debriefed,  and news reporters were given the effective cover story that the object had been a misguided research balloon.

A covert analytical effort organized by Gen. Twining and Dr. Bush acting on the direct orders of the President, resulted in a preliminary consensus (19 September, 1947) that the disc was most likely a short range reconnaisance craft. This conclusion was based for the most part on the craft's size and apparent lack of any identifiable provisioning. (See Attachment "D".) A similar analysis of the four dead occupants was arranged by Dr. Bronk. It was the tentative conclusion of this group (30 November 1947) that although these creatures are human-like in appearance, the biological and evolutionary processes repsonsible for their development has apparantly been quite different from those observed or postulated in homo-sapiens. Dr. Bronk's team has suggested the term "Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities",  or "EBEs" be adopted as the standard term of reference for these creatures until such time as a more definitive designation can be agreed upon. - - - - -

Numerous forms of what appear to be writing were found in the wreckage. Efforts to decipher these have remained largely unsuccessful.  (See Attachment "E") Equally unsuccessful have been efforts to determine the method of propulsion or teh nature of method of transmission of the power source involved. Research along these lines has been complicated by the complete absence of identifiable wings, propellers, jets, or other conventional methods of wiring, vacuum tubes, or similar recognizable electronic components. (See Attachment "F") It is assumed that the propulsion unit was completely destroyed by the explosion that caused the crash.

A need for as much additional information as possible about these craft, their performance characteristics and their purpose led to the undertaking known as U.S. Air Force Project Sign in December 1947. In order to preserve security, liason between SIGN and Majestic-12 was limited to two individuals within the Intelligence Division of Air Materiel Command whose role was to pass along certain types of information through channels. SIGN evolved into Project GRUDGE in December 1948. The operation is currently being conducted under the code name  BLUE BOOK, with liason maintained through the AIR FORCE officer who is head of the project.- - - - -

Implications for the National Security are of continuing importance in that the motives and ultimate intentions of these visitors remain completely unknown. In addition, a significant upsurge in the surveillance activity of these craft beginning in May and continuing through the autumn of this year has caused considerable concern that new developments may be imminent. It is for these reasons, as well as the obvious international and technological considerations and the ultimate need to avoid public panic at all costs, that the Majestic-12 Group remains of the unanimous opinion that imposition of the strictest security precautions should continue without interruption into the new administration. At the same time plan MJ-1949-04P/78 (Top Secret-Eyes Only) should be held in continued readiness should the need to make a public announcement present itself. (See Attachment "G".)- - - - - end quote.

Attachments A,B,C,D,E,F,G,and H were not declassified I believe. So that leaves us with many facts because of the Freedom of Information act chose to bestow this amazing jewel of information upon Timothy Good like in the late 1980s sometime. If you remember the cold War ended with the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc nations and democracy then began to prevail in the new Russia and throughout the Eastern Bloc nations. So given these heady times it made sense that finally this "For Your Eyes Only" was finally released to the public. However, likely because of more recent events they have reclassified a lot of information that was let out during this time. However, this "For Your Eyes Only " Still remains under copyright and within the public domain as very useful information about that era. The following is a letter signed by President Harry Truman that follows the previous document in the Appendix.    Secretary Forrestal, the First Secretary of Defense of the United States ( born 1892  died 1949) was pivotal to this whole process I include the following letter from  President Truman to him.

Begin quote: Top Secret Eyes Only The White House Washington September 1947

Memorandum for the Secretary of Defense

Dear Secretary Forrestal,

As per our recent conversation on this matter you are hereby authorized to proceed with all due speed and caution upon your undertaking. Hereafter this matter shall be referred to only as Operation Majestic Twelve.

It continues to be my feeling that any future considerations relative to the ultimate disposition of this matter should rest solely with the Office of the President following appropriate discussions with yourself, Dr. Bush and the Director of Central Intelligence. Signed Harry Truman

end quote.

So, both these documents say a lot about the times they all lived in. They didn't know who these little folks were. They didn't know about their technology. And unless they were from the future or past and genetically designed there, they definitely weren't from earth in our times. So, many people who were involved in all this likely were in a state of panic as to how to control this information without panicking the public. One must remember everyone had been through a horrific World War II that killed  somewhere between 50 and 100 million people worldwide. The whole world had been traumatized in an unimaginable way to people today. The bombing of 9-11 is absolutely nothing in comparison to what all these people had been through already.

It appears that the information made it from Truman to Eisenhower successfully. However, when President Kennedy came into power I don't believe this information was passed on to him. What the reasoning behind this was I'm not sure. However, it could have had something to do with his ultimate assasination as a possible explanation. So it is likely no president not even Nixon or Reagan was included with direct knowledge of any of this. The most likely reason was and is: "Plausible Deniability".

However,  even though the United Nations in its present form was born in 1945, I think these events I have quoted above galvanized many of the members who knew about or found out about the quoted actions above in some, way, shape or form over the years. It continues to be this way. It also makes more sense that we have not traveled (publicly at least) beyond the moon since Roswell with manned missions.

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