Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Prayer for Letting Go

It became clear to me that I need to find a way to release and cleanse the horror I experienced when my mother first entered senile dementia in 1999 until she passed away in 2008. I was forced by liability and life circumstances to place my mother in an alzheimers and senile dementia facility. Even though it was the best in the county still it was horrific to place my mother there for me and I have never had any peace in regard to this. In the way of my family I personally think it would have been better if she simply took a walk into the forest and never came back rather than this outcome. However, here in the United States we are bound by laws though they are inhumane to families in this respect, still are trying to protect the rights of all people. However, the outcome as far as I can see from my own experience is not that. So, hopefully some other sane result can happen for people like my mother in the future.

Prayer for releasing:

I release you mother to your greatest good now as a soul
I let go of all of the horror I experienced in regard to you since 1999
I know that God and all beings will begin to create a better outcome
for all souls who experience now what you did, now and in the future
Though you lost all your walls and became many strangers I never met before
Still you taught me that your spiritual abilities never left even when your mind
had no more cultural filters and you were no longer safe to be left alone anywhere
I release you to your greatest good even though in many ways I cannot understand
what happened to you even now.
I release you to being who I knew and relied upon as a child unfailingly
I release my insane memories of you being a stranger
And embrace the memories of you being my mother and protecting and teaching me
while I grew up into a man
And so I see you with the angels
And my family and I have released your ashes into the ocean like you wished now
And so I release you to your greatest good forever and ever.    Amen

For all the people  who have loved or cared for someone with Alzheimer's or dementia: It is important to forgive yourself that you could not change anything, that your best efforts couldn't prevent the inevitable conclusion which is always the passing of the one you loved and cared for.

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