Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No Real endings

When I wrote the 11 part now on 7 web pages "Memories" that is most easily reached at

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So if you want to reach my archive site for almost everything I've written since 1980 that I felt was good enough to publish online (even if it might not be edited very well or at all). Still, the spirit of what seemed imortant at the time might entertain and inspire you, hopefully.

So, except for the 11 part 7 web page "Memories" I haven't really ended anything I write. There are several reasons for this. First, Memories lended itself to a Happy ending. However, even then after a 1987 happy ending the story of everyone's lives go on past present and future for thousands and millions of years. And so since this literal pantheon spans millions of years of time and space and multiple timelines I decided to be open to writing as I am inspired because in the end, life doesn't really end. It Goes on past, present and future Forever. And not only that, the past, the present and the future is ever changing. So life is spontaneous!

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