Saturday, May 8, 2010

Imagination is more important than Knowlege

Imagination is more important than knowlege in life because knowlege is about what is already known which is finite and imagination is about what is not yet known which is infinite. If one is stuck in the known one will never find out anything new about the unknown and the human race will stay stuck in a static place and unmoving forever.

So those of us who can understand that "Imagination is more important than knowlege" which is a saying most Attributed to Albert Einstein than anyone else one can move forward into the future.

When I watched a Tomorrowland DVD from a Disney TV program in 1955 last night I was amazed that the basic plans for the space shuttle existed in 1955 and likely had been on the drawing board in one form or another for the previous 50 years or so before that. So now, we must be planning for the future so the next 55 years can be as bright as the last were for mankind.

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