Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Oil Spill: Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best

White House, BP unprepared for relationship in wake of oil spill

If you click "White House" above you can read the whole article.

As I read this article what struck me is just how efficient on a certain level the Obama White House is in dealing with this situation compared to how the Bush Adminstration dealt with Hurricane Katrina.

However, what also struck me is that BPs only interests appear to be the interests of any corporation which is in the end their bottom line. So that question looks like: "How can I stay in business and how much to I have to charge people for gas at the pumps to pay for this unexpected mess and how can I manage the media damage for my company like Exxon did during the Exxon Valdez? Exxon survived this so we likely will too."

So in the end what I'm struck by is that Only BP and other Deep Water Drilling companies Have any of this kind of technology. This technology to do ANYTHING at all at 5000 feet basically doesn't exist  most places and is as rare as going to the moon was in 1969. So, literally, the U.S. Government and probably no government on Earth can fix this problem or has the technology to fix this problem. So unless BP can fix this problem or the U.S. Government sends a high powered underwater missile or torpedo to blow the wellhead closed I don't think we have the technology to do this at all.

When I think about this technically the chances of success here are about the same as sending a successful rescue mission to the moon to rescue astronauts before the freeze to death,  or run out of food or oxygen there.  Of course this is different because no one is actually going to die here now but the fish, the birds, all organisms in the ocean, under the ocean, or who use the ocean in any way shape or form including landing upon the ocean as a part of their existence here on earth. And as this progresses we are looking at the possible extinction of many local species of creatures there. Though similar species will take their place when and if the oil leak gets plugged you can be sure many species will be no more.

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