Friday, May 14, 2010

The End of the Free Market
To watch Ian Bremmer on the Daily Show online paste in the above web location.

I was watching the Jon Stewart's  "The Daily Show" on the Comedy Channel on TV last night.
There was a man talking about his book coming out May 17th called  "The End of the Free Market"  by Ian Bremmer and I think the subtitle was  "States versus Corporations". He was mentioning that the number two world market right now is China and that it is  state controlled Capitalism and said that the company Google had gotten "Googled" by China "screwed as a corporation trying to do business in China" and that this was likely to happen one by one to all Western Corporations. So getting "Googled" by China is something that all corporations need to watch out for. So this might be a book to read to understand how much the world economic basis platform has actually changed. And that "there has been no greater change to the world economy like there has been the last few years since the end of "World War II".

So, worrying about Goldman Sachs which is great TV fare but which becomes relatively meaningless in the present world dynamics regarding money and business macro scale.

And what may be worth worrying about is  what the Chinese leader the author talked to   said when he said something like, "What is the U.S. and the rest of the world going to do now that 'The free market has died?'

If you can watch this particular interview online when it arrives there it might be important if you want to understand how extreme the world economic situation has changed and is still changing. Most people seem to have no real idea just how extreme and fundamental the changes really are globally.

I can't say I have the complete picture yet either, however, this book might be an important one to read to better understand some of the changes to world dynamics on an economic and State basis.

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