Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cause and effect 5-20-10

We all know Newton's law which states "For every action there will be and opposite but equal reaction."

As an intuitive when I look at things it is a little like this but more of an art than a science in understanding the full ramifications of everything. As an intuitive I'm interested about how thoughts and feelings and prayers (desiring with our thoughts and feelings for good things to happen to us) actually manifest in our lives. So being interested in science I watch the mechanical effects of Newton's law and then overlaid upon it how consciousness of everything that thinks and feels and lives in the universe creates everything on top of that with everything they think and feel and pray for.

So, I guess you could say I'm always watching all the time 24 hours a day for specific kinds of convergences. A surfer might say, "I'm waiting and watching for the perfect wave." But in regard to being an intuitive I'm also searching for the perfect wave of consciousness of all life in the universe. And everyone of you who have compassion for all life in the universe should be waiting for that perfect wave of consciousness too. For if you and I know what to do then it will be wonderful for all life in the universe past, present and future. 

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