Thursday, May 27, 2010

Interesting video on how heart affects life around you

The first video is about what I refer to below in bottom paragraph. The second one is regarding his book

 To see video Click on "The Divine Matrix" following Youtube.

YouTube - The Divine Matrix: Gregg Braden Pt.1

My 21 year old daughter brought this video on her Macbook pro to me from Oregon when she came. It sounded a lot like many things my parents were studying as far back as the  1930s. It is an inpiring talk that I found interesting, especially the fact that the heart is 5000 times more electrical and magnetic than the brain. Maybe this is why when the Buddhists talk about "Buddha mind" they are talking about the heart.

Later: As I began to think more about what Gregg Braden said about the changes to the Magnetosphere in the 1st 15 minutes after the planes went into the World Trade Center Buildings. My first thought was "Was the change in the magnetosphere caused by the reactions of everyone on earth when they heard about this, or was this a result of a second timeline being established or both or something else entirely?

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