Saturday, May 29, 2010


My wife has a stack of "Angel" cards at the kitchen table. We playfully grab a card if we want to know what kind of thing is going on today. Today I drew "Integrity" which made total sense in what I was dealing with today.

I had a strange experience that I've had a few times before in my life and I really never have had a satisfactory explanation any time this has happened. I was driving up a one lane up and one lane down hilly mountain road and a black Mercedes was behind me going up the hill. However, when I reached the stop sign at the top of the hill the Mercedes was in front of me without passing me. So I looked behind me and it was gone and there was only one in front of me. So I said telepathically to the driver, "That was a pretty good trick!"
I got back, "Oh. You noticed. What did you think?" I telepathed, "Just a really great trick." and I got back "Is this good or bad?" I said, "Neither. It's just a good trick." Then this person said, "Am I a threat to you?" I said, "No. You are a threat to yourself." The person said, "Oh." and I made a left turn off the road and that was that.

What I find interesting about whatever people can do both seen and unseen is that we all are our own best friends and worst enemies. The more you can do the more you are responsible for. And if you do stuff without any good reason it really doesn't impress anyone. It just shows them you might be self destructive.

Long ago I learned when dealing with supernatural events the last thing you want to do is to be scared. So as soon as you are witnessing something out of the ordinary it is very important not to feel anything and to only be in a very clear state of mind so you can observe carefully what is happening. I have found over time that it doesn't really matter whether this event is good, bad or neutral or anything. Surviving any supernormal experience one must only be clear like a soldier and not feel anything to make sure they survive whatever it is.

Other times when someone like Mary, The Mother of Jesus comes or Jesus or Archangel Michael or his group of Archangels or Saint Germain or one of them, still it is a good idea at first at least to make sure whatever field of awareness you are in is safe before you get all comfy cozy with it. In this way you always make sure you are protected in all ways in whatever environment you may be in.

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