Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Babies: The Movie

My wife and I have a 14 year old and I delivered my two oldest children and the 14 year old was Caesarian with me present in a mask and gown. So I have always been a hands on Dad at the birth of my children. So though I have been raising one of my children or stepchildren under age 15 continuously since 1974, that statement is likely not to be true a two years from now in March when my youngest turns 16.

So, today we went to see the French made movie: Babies.
There is a San Francisco Baby, a Japanese Baby in Japan, a Mongolian Baby in Mongolia, and an African baby out in the boonies in Namibia. All four styles of having and raising a baby are markedly different. And sometimes from a western point of view one winces when one sees some of the things the babies are allowed to do. But if I was from another culture I might be having reactions to western ways of doing things too. Anyway, the point of the movie, I believe is that a baby can be raised all sorts of ways and still grow up okay within that culture. It is sort of a green point of view that I found priceless.

I highly recommend anyone interested in babies or babies cross culturally to watch this movie. It will amaze you and make you smile and even make you wince. Enjoy it!

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