Friday, May 14, 2010

Cloud Being George 5-14-10

The Planet Savers

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Cloud Being George is a water being who has lived already millions of years on his planet, Paragon.
He has traveled for millions of years through the states of water(as in lakes, streams, oceans) and in clouds(as in rain, mist, snow clouds), and as in Glaciers (as in polar and mountain Glaciers) on his planet.

Even though I'm assuming that like on earth such states occur and that such states have consciousness whether all of us can experience them or not, I'm thinking they are much like us as souls.

If you consider the possibility of a soul existing for millions and billions of years and the cloud being the metaphor for a soul, and then water as a metaphor for birth and childhood and Glaciers both polar and Mountain a metaphor for adulthood, then one can look at all the forms that beings take without thinking of death as a permanent thing. I think this is useful for all of us in many many ways.

Imagine yourself as a being that has already existed for millions and billions of years in various states of being and places and then being born as a human on earth. You conveniently forgot for a while that you had done all these other things so as not to overly complicate your life here on earth, so you could enjoy the mortality ride, so to speak. So you could squeeze every morsel of the immediacy and delicacy and wonderfulness and suffering out of this moment as a human on earth, before you returned to the foreverness of your life which actually might be boring after the first billion years or so.

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