Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost: The Final Journey

This is the two hour first program that described the first 6 years.  About 6 years ago when "Lost" first started I tried to watch it but found it too confusing especially after having been an X-Files fan for years and being frustrated during all that series that they couldn't get to some kind of finality. So when "Lost" began I said to myself, "Oh NO. Not this level of uncertainty again?" So I decided not to be a "Lost" fan just because I'm no longer happy to be that uncertain anymore because I'm 62 and uncertainty doesn't intrigue me as much it just makes me feel sick to my stomach. I think this is because since 2001 I've lost one of my three best friends, lost another to early Alzheimer's, lost my mother, a lady cousin, 3 aunts and various other people. So uncertainty doesn't intrigue me like it once did because of all these "pieces" of how I define myself disappearing down an "Alice in Wonderland" gopher hole. So uncertainty just isn't as fun as before.

However, going to Paris and Nice and watching my wife and two daughters enjoy France immensely really did it for me after my wife's Dad passed away about 2 years ago now. It was the first time she was really happy since he passed away. This was wonderful.

I was really surprised at the way the storyline went. It was very magical and included elements of the limbo world in between lifetimes and the concept of the Bardo and even some elements of pergatory, in addition to Star Wars, The Bible and various and asundry concepts from popular and historical prose and fiction. The "Lost" series was obviously amazingly eclectic and because of the way it was done, strangely I'm even more likely to watch  DVDs of the whole series now I know how it ends. With the uncertainty factor gone and not feeling so confused I now could enjoy the whole thing. I also was surprised that elements in writing the way I personally like to write are included in the "Lost" series. Though I love to write I don't compare myself to writers that can bring about something as amazing as the "Lost" series.

So, fans of "Lost" don't despair. Now you get to watch the whole thing from the beginning on DVD or however you can find it.

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