Saturday, May 29, 2010

Permanent Wealth comes from Kindness and Empathy

Most people who are wealthy only have temporary wealth. But a few everywhere have permanent wealth. For permanent wealth is a state of consciousness, a state of being. In this state of kindness and empathy one is a motor of life, a conscious generator of compassion and kindness and directly experiences the hope and the fear of mankind (and all life on earth and the universe) in order to help them be happier, wealthier, more enlightened and useful to themselves and all other beings. But the fear is not taken on it is simply looked at as a means of helping life move forward into better things. For fear if properly understood is not meant to scare us to death but to motivate us to stay alive and to make life better for all beings.

Physical wealth can accompany this "Real Wealth" if this being wishes. For some truly wealthy beings, physical wealth is not really necessary for them and is only an encumbrance, for others it is useful because they many times are 35 or 40 or older and find it useful to help friends and relatives and to have a base of operations for friends and relatives to visit them, or to travel the world and be beacons of hope to all they pass by. Real wealth can by physical but it is always a state of being and a state of consciousness that generates the real wealth.

Wealth only becomes permanent with this kind and empathetic state of consciousness that is consciously generated 24 hours a day by the enlightened being, consciously generating and radiating out kindness to all beings in all ways.

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