Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obama's Oil Problem

Unfortunately, this oil problem is becoming Obama's problem very quickly now.

This is the real problem that most people don't seem to understand and even if they understand are incredibly angry at this being the case.

First of all, working at 5000 feet might as well be on the moon. In fact both BP, The government and even the Coast Guard all compare it to a manned moon shot.

Only in this case only Deep Well Oil Drilling companies have access to the technology to actually do Anything at all.  I believe sometime in the next 5 years you will likely see the government buying technology to do emergency deep water capping themselves and then progressively updating it through the years (if they can actually afford to do so in this economy). However, not having government emergency capping equipment might be even worse for the government.

However, any way you look at it there will be hell to pay in the fall for the incumbent Federal Government Adminstration. Because the way it looks this is only going to get worse with the Hurricane Season coming and the oil that is already out in the Gulf. It is just a matter of time before it hits Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and possibly Cuba. And if the wind changes, Texas and Mexico. If we have to deal with financial liability as a country with Mexico and Cuba I think this will all get much worse in multiple ways than it is now.

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