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Elohar: The girl in the Forest

Note: If you want to read about Elohar all grown up with Ragna in 7028 AD  please click link above. In the following she is only 17 and just finished her freshman year (1st year) in college. This is her first walk in the forest after finishing her finals.

Elohar had just finished her first year of college and was visiting her parents in the Cote D'Azure(The French Riviera, the Azure Sea. There were only certain times of the year that it was safe to go there since the "Nuclear Cataclysm" they called it in 2001. However, now for her was now in the 7000 AD range so at least during the summers it was safe to visit the Cote D'Azure. As she walked along the beach she was transported away by her intuition into another world. Though she had been soul traveling consciously now since age 5 she didn't talk about it for fear of retribution of non-understanding adults. The past years since turning 15 she had found that if she followed her intuitive flows that her intuitions took her physically now also to other times and space on earth. Then she accomplished whatever her intuition seemed to need and then all she had to do was to desire to return home or to her college dorm room or camping or wherever she was actually supposed to be physically and she would automatically return there. This was something she REALLY didn't want to tell people about if and until she knew she would be safe and survive the telling.

One of these days as she walked along the summer beaches of the Cote D'Azure(The Sea of Azure Blue or the French Riviera). And suddenly she found herself in a forest somewhere else. It was a little bit colder than where she had been and there were flowers she had never seen before so she thought she must be on another continent. A moment later she thought she saw her father with some dogs. The dogs were both lovely, very special dogs so she automatically knew the master must be special too.  The man saw her and wondered why she was alone way out here. She seemed so sweet and beautiful and kind of innocent and rich and naive. So he said, "Hello." and "Have a nice day." and moved on. But he found that over time he was haunted by this girl in that she was much more than she seemed at first. Because at first she seemed beautiful and naive like a Beauty pageant kind of young beauty maybe coming from a high school graduation or 1st year of college. But after she was out of his sight he realized she was much much more than that. Soon he saw she was a young Elohar. At first he was upset that she hadn't introduced herself to him as who she was from the future. But then Jonathan Flow realized she didn't even fully know who he was yet. For Elohar had been his mother and obviously had missed him because here she was as a 17 year old in her next incarnation from the future and had intuitively automatically come to him even though her conscious mind didn't know he had been her son in her previous life.  This lifted his spirits that somehow his mother found him across 5000 years. Somehow she had intuitively come to him as a young woman. She must have seen him as her father because he was 62 and she was only 16 to 18 years old he knew. "Amazing! Life never ceases to amaze me" he thought to himself.

When Elohar reached the paved road she knew she was in another time and another place. Roads were no longer built with Asphalt since the 20th century because of the mess they made when the melted in nuclear blasts everywhere. So, now people usually built with crushed rock roads or Cement or they just left the roads dirt in many many cases. Besides in the class she lived in they mostly flew around in solar powered helicopters with really great batteries for night flights. For a description of her helicopter and ones like hers please click the following:

Solar powered human manned Helicopters 70th Centur...

But the road gave it away. She knew she was back in California then."Maybe it was soon after I passed on and that man then might have been my son,  Jonathan. He looked so old. He was grieving my loss. I hope he knows it was me come again." As Elohar walked to the ocean to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time in this lifetime after growing up in Switzerland and the Northern Italian Alps. As she walked past people of 5000 years before she was born she remembered being alive from 1919 until 2008 in the Western United States Coast of California, Oregon and Washington.

As she walked past the tourists along the ocean she asked one of them hoping that they would understand her, "Where are we?" The person said, "Are you lost?" She said, "Yes." They said, "You are on the Beach at Santa Cruz. You must have walked a long way." Elohar said, "Yes. I did. I walked all the way from the redwood forests." The tourists raised there eyebrows. They obviously didn't know where the forests were. Elohar said, "One more thing. What year is it?" The tourist said, "Pardon me." Thinking she must have misheard. Elohar thought about what to say, so she said, "I don't know how to say the year in English. The tourist laughed and said, "You can either say two thousand Ten or you can say twenty ten." Then the lady tourist said, "You have such an unusual accent my dear. Where are you from." Elohar realized that no one in 2010 had an accent quite like hers. She tried to cover this up, "I speak German, French, Italian and several Slavic languages and even some Spanish. However, my accent is changing this year because I'm a language major in Switzerland." The lady realized that even though she could barely understand her that Elohar was a fine young lady going to a great college in Switzerland.

Elohar thanked the lady and felt faint because California along with most of the world was gone on her timeline in 2010. Elohar finally understood what part of her life work was to be, she was to help start a second timeline, one in which the "Nuclear Cataclysm" didn't happen. Now she was overjoyed at her future!

She said to herself, "This makes sense. I'm grieving the loss of my son, my grandson their wives and all my friends. This makes sense. And I am also here to realize I help to create a second timeline. God you are so very good to me!" As she slowly looked out to sea and the sun slowly set in orange pink and red on the Pacific Ocean she faded out and found herself back on the beaches of Nice on the Cote D'Azure in the 71st Century having just come from the 21st.

Note: To avoid any confusion it is important to note that if you haven't read the full "Memories" series(I have the 2nd part listed at the top of the page and all 7 web pages '11 parts' are there at you need to know that we now live on the 2nd timeline and Elohar is living on the first timeline where on 9-11 a nuclear war took place and healthy life on Asia, Australia, most of Europe, North and South america, Japan and all Pacific nations are now uninhabitable for about 20,000 years of any healthy humans or animals. So anything human or otherwise is not really sane or healthy or technological anymore in any of these places on Elohar's timeline. When Elohar is in her late 20s and early 30s she begins (with General Ragna) a plan worked out by King Interlaken of their time and His Oneness (the Time Lord of Earth) and The Galactic Sentience(ruler of the Galaxy for millions of years now) to start a second timeline so 6 to 7 billion people don't have to die in the "Nuclear Cataclysm" as the people of Elohar's time called it. end note.

2nd note: Recently I wrote  something which is a description of how we avoided a nuclear war and began the second timeline. Please  click on "My Pet Goat" Below.

My Pet Goat

As she faded into physical being on the beach at Nice she watched some people and their donkey cart be unloaded onto the beach for the summer of camping until the warning flags were raised sometime this summer to return to the mountains. When the winds blew the radioactive dust off of Africa across the Mediterranean ocean towards France and Italy, the first symptom was a sore throat and burning eyes. Though everyone in France Italy and Switzerland and throughout the Alps took Thyroid medicine to prevent radioactive thyroid cancer they still had to watch the radioactive dust. This was one reason why the longest lived people now lived most of the year above 5000 feet in the Alps. She was one of these as her family were wealthy enough to lengthen their lives in this way. Even the people unloading their donkey cart likely lived at least 3000 feet in altitude on a farm. Because those who lived constantly year around below 3000 feet anywhere on earth rarely lived beyond 30 to 50 years. So it was kind of a choice how long you wanted to be able to live. And everyone lived their choice every day for better or for worse.

Elohar saw a friend of hers from college and greeted her, "Hey Gwen," she said. Elohar thought this was very fortuitous because Gwen was very intuitively gifted like Elohar.
Gwen said, "Come get onto my little catamaran and we will take a sail, okay?"
Elohar said, "I'm not much of a sailor but I'm a strong swimmer."
Gwen said, "Here's a life vest in case you get knocked off the boat by a wave."
So Elohar put on the vest and they sailed out together through the waves. Once they could just barely see the shore and were quite a ways out to sea, Gwen said, "I've come to recruit you."
Elohar said, "For what?"
Gwen said, "You didn't think you were the only one on earth who comes into and out of time and space did you?"
Elohar turned red. She was frightened now.
Gwen said, "Don't be frightened. I'm not here to out you as a witch or strange threatening being. You aren't that anyway."
Elohar didn't say anything but felt a little better and said, "You're not just going to try and drown me are you?"
Gwen said, "For God's Sake, Elohar. Can't you trust your senses?"
Elohar began to cry and Gwen waited for her to stop.
Elohar searched Gwen while she was crying trying desperately to read her friend. Her friend co-operated and let Elohar fully read her. Gwen knew this could be a potential life or death situation for both of them.
Finally Elohar was satisfied. She said, "I trust you. You mean me no harm."
Gwen said, "For God's sake Elohar. Was that so hard to do."
Elohar finally laughed and said. This is actually quite a relief. I could tell no one seriously about this since I was 5 and started soul traveling. I made up a game I called "traveling" as a cover so my parents just thought I was playing but I really wasn't. I was really traveling. At first I thought it was just  playing a game but then I started walking outside and standing in the middle of the road and cars went through me. And then one day I watched my soul body walk in front of a car and then the car went through me and I was okay. That's the moment I knew it was all real."
Gwen said, "That's amazing. Most people who can soul travel don't consciously even begin to do that until their teens or later or when they are recovering from an accident or in a coma or something."
Elohar said, "So I'm a rarity then?"
Gwen said, "That's why King Interlaken sent me to recruit you. He's gifted too. He wants you as part of his Court and staff. People like you are very useful to the heads of governments. Always have been."
Elohar was scared again. "Always have been".
Gwen said, "You can't be that naive. Don't you know who I am."
Elohar said, "Yes. You are a classmate from Zurich."
Gwen said, "But who am I?"
Elohar said, "I guess I don't really know."
Gwen said, "I'm King Interlaken's oldest daughter and I've been sent to fetch you."
Elohar said, "But I've had only one year of college! How useful could I be at 17?"
Gwen said, "You are transferring to Matterhorn Royal University and you will live in the palace with me and my family. You have been recognized as a National Treasure by me and the King."
Elohar was scared by all this. Gwen wasn't asking Elohar if this was what she wanted, she was telling Elohar what her life was going to be. When one was spoken to in this way and one refused her father said that often people who didn't do as they were asked disappeared.
Gwen began laughing. Elohar got scared and said, "Why are you laughing?"
Gwen said, "I'm a reader, Elohar. Do you know what a Reader is?"
Elohar said, "NO. What's a reader?"
Gwen said, "It means I read people's thoughts. I can turn my attention away so I don't have to but like right now I need to know what you think and I think you are a very funny girl."
Elohar said, "I didn't say you could read my thoughts!"
Gwen said, "You're right. You didn't. But this is just too important to leave to chance."
Elohar noticed the biggest and most beautiful ocean going yacht she had ever seen.
Then she noticed on the stern printed in bold letters "The Awesome"
The hair stood up on her neck. Her future, her adulthood had begun. She sensed her life would be much different than she ever could have dreamed. "Yes', she thought, "Awesome!"

As Gwen maneuvered  their catamaran Elohar had a definitive Deja Vu from when she was 10 years old. She had nothing to fear. Gwen and her Father King Interlaken were very good people. They would take excellent care of her. They knew how special she was and would be good to her. A new life awaits. As she watched "The Awesome" lift Gwen's catamaran aboard she noticed along the side of the Catamaran "The Awesome's baby Cat" and had to smile.

Gwen seemed happy to be on board and went to get her father. Soon she got back and said, "My father is ready to receive you as a new member of his court." Elohar felt faint but knew somehow she would muddle through.

King Interlaken walked up on deck. He walked up to Elohar and his presence made Elohar want to faint because he was now the de facto leader of Earth in 7015.

King Interlaken walked up and shook Elohar's hand as if she were a man. This was highly unusual and likely meant that she was being accepted as a part of his family.  He said, "So what were you doing in 2010?" His abruptness startled her and she thought she was going to cry and tears started to come to her eyes. He said, "I realize you have never spoken about this to anyone but Gwen now. But Security of our world and times is at stake!"

Elohar nodded. She said, "I wish to protect our earth too." So he said, "Then tell me what you saw there and why you went there." "Boy", she thought, "he really cuts through the BS".
Gwen said, "Yes. He does. It's why we still have as much as we do and as many healthy people still alive here on Earth."
Elohar felt stunned but realized she was being tested somehow.
Elohar said, "I started going places when I was 15".
King Interlaken said, "Why do you go to these places?"
She said, "I don't know. It just feel right to be there somehow."
He smiled and said, "Finally, we have a spontaneous virgin untrained Traveler." He smiled like he finally had something he was looking for."
Elohar said, "I am a virgin but I'm not sure I like being reminded of it."
He said, "That's not what I meant. I meant no disrespect. I meant that you hadn't been trained to do this and that this happened spontaneously. Do you have control of where you go?"
Elohar said, "NO. It is all intuitively done. I only have control of when to return back here."
He said, "But obviously you aren't going to go traveling while taking a test in college or driving your electric helicopter?"
Elohar said, "NO. I have control in that sense of not going when I don't want. I just don't have control of where I go when I'm open to day dreaming."
King Interlaken, "So this is sort of like soul traveling?"
She said, "I started soul traveling when I was 5."
He said, "You are a wunderkind!"
Elohar said, "I guess so. Gwen just told me that starting to soul travel consciously at 5 is a big deal."
The King said, "Yes. Very few ever consciously soul travel so for you to naturally do this as a little child and then physically travel as a 15 year old is pretty much unheard of. You will be incredibly valuable to us. What can you tell me that was strange about 2010 and where on earth were you?"
The King wondered if she was endangered in a bad area where she went then.
Elohar said, "How did you know I went to 2010?"
The King said, "It's important that I always know these things."
"But How?" she said.
The King smiled and said, "That's not something a 17 year old girl asks of her King."
Elohar said, "I'm sorry, your Highness. By the way there is a second timeline."
The King looked scared, "What? Are you sure?"
Elohar said, "Yes. There appears to be a second time line."
The King said, "How do you know this?"
Elohar said, "Well. I went to 2010 Santa Cruz. First I appeared in the Redwood Forest and met my son from my last lifetime. He was about 62 years old." The King raised his eyebrows and was concerned. He said, "What did you say to each other, exactly."
Elohar said, "Well. I saw his dogs run up to me, and then I saw him as I was petting them. I knew these were really wonderful dogs and that there master must be too. So as I looked up he looked a lot like my father. We both said, 'Hi' and then he said, "Have a Nice Day." and he walked away with his dogs. He didn't know who I was at first but then I felt his mind realize who I was."
King Interlaken said, "He knew who you were?"
Elohar said, "He knew who I was not right away but within 15 minutes or 1/2 an hour."
The King said, "So he was gifted too?"
Elohar said, "Yes. I think he went home and wrote about it."
The King said, "What is his name and the date. I think it was May 2010 and his name is Jonathan Flow." The King Said, "Biocom?"
"Yes?" was heard by all present. "PLease research Jonathan Flow's contact with Elohar here on May 2010 in Santa Cruz, Californa."
Biocom said, audibly, "But there is no life there intelligent or safe then!"
The King Said, "There may be a second timeline. Check for that!"

Note: Biocom is a Biological Computer. For this moment the King had him plugged into the local speakers so Elohar could hear as well as Gwen. Biocom is a sentient computer built into a human physical body so all one has to do is to telepath with the Biocom to research anything that one has access to anywhere. It is a thing every King should have. end note.

A few minutes later Biocom came back and said over the speakers, "Your Highness. Above Top Secret. The answer is above Top secret!"

The King said, "Go ahead over the loudspeakers I want Princess Gwen and Elohar to hear this firsthand."
Biocom said, "Yes your highness. It appears the girl is telling you the truth. There is a second timeline."
The King said, "Please inform Ragna to investigate this second timeline."
Biocom said, "Done."
Instantly Biocom came back.
"Your Highness. He has spent 6 months out researching this. Would you like me to relay it or would you like to talk to him in person?"
The King said, "I want to talk to him in person."
The next thing Elohar knew a man in a military officers uniform walked out of the door right next to them. He was strikingly handsome and in his mid twenties.

The King shook hands with Ragna and he introduced Ragna to Elohar. He said, "Captain Ragna. I want you to meet Elohar a new member of my staff.
Captain Ragna had never felt this way about anyone he had ever met. He felt like he was in trouble with this one as he shook her hand.

The King said, "I think you remember Princess Gwen?"
The Captain smiled and said, "HI. Princess Gwen."
She sort of giggled like a college freshman would meeting a dashing handsome Captain again.

The King looked at Ragna and said, "So there is a second timeline?"
Captain Ragna said, "Well. Yes."
The King said, "Did you visit Elohar to check her story?"
The captain looked worried about this and said, "Is it okay to speak about this in front of her?"
The King said, "She is now a permanent member of my staff. Go ahead."
The Captain relaxed and said, "I observed Elohar from a distance. a Second timeline with 2010 exists. I confirmed it by following her time trail."
Elohar was stunned. Her civilization had time travel. It was a real techology not just something a 15 year old girl did when she was day dreaming.
The King said, "Did she change anything on that time line."
Ragna said, "Here is the strange thing. Her father from her last life has written about it on something called the internet. And here is where it gets even stranger. I had my men read it to find out more. He has been writing about you and I and Elohar only we come to him from 7028.
The King said, "You mean you and Elohar visit him many times starting in 7028."
Ragna said, "Yes. According to his writings he knows us both and we visit him at various times in his life and even safe his life in 1969."
The King said, "That's amazing. So we are visiting him after he has seen us all in the future?"
Ragna said, "Yes. He visited here with his then 10 year old daughter in 7028 already."
The King said, "So by reading his writings we can understand what it is we need to do and the order of it?"
Ragna said, "Yes. This appears to be the case. I made a copy of everything he has written and put everything about us and a being called "His Oneness" and the Galactic Sentience that we both will meet in our futures. "

The King's Eyes suddenly got very big. He said, "So our future awaits us all even now."
Captain Ragna said, "Yes."

The King reached out and took the approximately 4 to 5 inch tall and 2 to 3 inch wide piece of quartz crystal embedded with of all the pertinent information stored on it for the King to look at.  The King excused himself from the two girls who were friends from college and now something more ominous instead but still friends. (At least this is what Elohar hoped).

Gwen showed Elohar her private room aboard the large ocean going yacht. Elohar was a little worried she wouldn't get to spend much time with her parents. Later she found she could spend as much time with her parents as she wanted. However, now she had a bodyguard, one of the Royal Guards.

The King had dinner with his daughter and Elohar. At dinner he said, "There is one hardship that I foresee for you, Elohar." Elohar felt uneasy and asked, "What is that, My King?"
The King said, "It is a very strange request but I need to request this of you. I need you to remain a virgin until your 30s. This will enable you to be more accurate and powerful and be less distracted while you are working for me as a research assistant. I need to you be trained also in how you use your abilities so we can find out as much as possible about what it is possible for  you to do. The reason I need you stay a virgin until you are in your 30s is that you will be instrumental in establishing a new timeline which will save the lives of all the people on the new timeline that won't have died on the old time line we are all on."

Elohar said, "So, all the suffering of billions of people as well as billions of deaths in the 21st century can be averted?"

The King said, "Yes."
Elohar said, "Sacrificing getting married and having children until my 30s I will gladly do to save all those lives!"
The King said, "Excellent. I actually knew you to be a very noble person before I asked Gwen to go get you."
Elohar said, "Thank you, Sire, for your confidence in me."

The King said, "However, I have someone for you to meet."
Elohar said, "Okay".
In walked a man in robes who then introduced himself. He said, "I am known as Meridian and to some as Eridian and other names as well. I will be your teacher in helping you to become all that you can be in this lifetime."

Elohar said, "You look like a very old Jonathan Flow."
Meridian said, "That's because I am who Jonathan Flow evolves into."
The King said, "Even I didn't know that!"
Meridian said, "There was no reason for you to know, your Highness."
The King felt a little scared even though he knew Meridian. For Meridian had been his teacher as well. Everything King Interlaken knew about spirituality, religion or intuitive gifts had been taught to him by Meridian."
Elohar said, "Meridian?"  Meridian said, "Yes. My Child." She said, "Are you alive or dead?"
Meridian said, "I"m somewhere in between."
The King laughed and understood who  Meridian was and why he was the one to train Elohar in this lifetime. Meridian replied further to Elohar, "I'm presently the Guardian of Earth and Earth's heavens for millions of years into the future."
Elohar said, "But how did you get to be that?"
Meridian said, "Truth is much stranger than Fiction."


Meridian said, "Is it okay to finally tell you and these lovely ladies my story, my King?"
King Interlaken said, "Yes. I need to know too."

Meridian laughed like a weight had been removed from his shoulders.
And he smiled and it seemed like light shone through his eyes upon us.
Meridian began telling his story:
"Well. I was born in 1948 on the old timeline."
King Interlaken laughed, "But I didn't tell you about the new one."
Meridian said,"You should have known I would have known all along, my King."
The King said, "Then why didn't you tell me?"
Meridian smiled a sweet smile and said, "Because it wasn't time and because that I wasn't allowed to."
The King said, "I had no idea you had those kind of rules to operate under."
Meridian said, "OH. But I do, my King."
The King said, "Please continue. This will be good. I can feel it coming." The King was beaming in anticipation of maybe finally understanding his enigma of a teacher all these years.

Meridian began by saying, "I was born in 1948 on the old timeline. I didn't know I was special at first because I thought everyone was telepathic like me. But as I moved from 5 and older I began to see that to my horror I was unusual and I found I had to hide my abilities so people weren't bad to me.

My parents helped in this because our religion though Christian Mystic was not mainstream for our times. As I grew to be about 10 years old I got childhood epilepsy likely from a traumatic blow to the head in a fall I realize now. But then I thought I was going to die every time I had a nighttime only seizure. Then my father wouldn't let me take any medicine for it so I had to use mind over matter techniques. So this led to me being even more aware and telepathic and intuitive. So by the time I was 15 I saw God and my whole appearance changed and many young women fell in love with me. And my male friends became jealous of my magnetism to women."

Gwen said, "You've got to be kidding me. You were a ladies man?"
Meridian said, "Yes. As funny as that may seem now women were alwasy falling in love with me all the time after I turned 15. I realized it was because I had seen God and that God had come into me and that all these girls and then women were falling in love with God that had somehow come into me and stayed when I had invited Him. So I became jealous of God and angry that he had done this. I wanted the girls to love me and not just God inside of me. But finally I realized how stupid it was of me to think this way because God is everything. So finally I gave in and said, "God. Without you there is no life. Therefore I accept you living inside me and making all these women fall in love with me and making men jealous of me. I accept your gift and your burden upon me. Show me what you want me to do God."

Elohar had tears in her eyes. and she said, "Remember, I was your mother in that lifetime and held your head so it wouldn't be damaged when you had seizures."

Meridian said, "Yes. You were Elohar and I am forever grateful to you for that. Can you begin to understand why I said that 'truth is stranger than fiction?"
Elohar said, "Yes. I'm beginning to see it now."

Meridian went on, "So after I had given my life over to God many good and difficult things happened to me. But I noticed that even though God could be more harsh on me that others, that he always protected me from really serious harm. And even though I wasn't always rich I usually always had enough to eat even in difficult times and I never completely starved. Like, for example, when it came time to be drafed into the army during the Viet Nam War God kept me out of that because of Childhood epilepsy. So the very thing that had almost killed me also saved me from that terrible war.

And even though I was married three times before I was 50 I had three wonderful chidren and raised 2 stepchildren to adulthood and helped two God daughters go  through college. All of them were alive and healthy and led good lives. But even after that my life went on. Even though when I was 25 I thought I would be dead by 25 or 30, my life went on and on and on until one day I wound up here with you."

Gwen said, "So you were married three times and had three kids and stepkids and even God Daughters. Amazing. I thought you were always a celibate old Seer and teacher."

Meridian said, "Nope. I've been around for about 5000 years now."
The King and the Girls were amazed.
The King said, "I had no idea you were that old. I thought you were maybe 90 at most."
Meridian said, "Nope. If you think I'm alive then I'm the oldest man presently on earth."
The King said, "Do you think you are alive?"
Meridian: "I see myself as something other than alive in a body. I really can't completely describe it to you but it works for me."
Gwen said, "Please try to describe it. You are a Methuselah. You must tell us."
Meridian nodded and said, "Well. The best way I can say it is that I live in the heaven realms of earth and I send back through this body all the blessings of all your ancestors who presently live there."
This brought tears to all their eyes.
The King said, "Now I know why you were always my friend and teacher. It finally makes sense with this new knowledge."

Chapter 3 Elohar: On her way to a New Life

Meridian looked into Elohar's eyes and said, "We have been each other's teachers in many lifetimes. Because of this affinity we have developed through various cultures we incarnated in together you will move very fast. Instead of trying to intellectually train you it will be far easier just to have you sit next to me and meditate. Because, in the end, "One picture from my mind into your aura is worth a thousand words" and "A thousand pictures from my mind to yours---" Well, you can guess just how fast you will catch on to what I'm talking about.

Elohar's body shuddered at how much she was going to change. From a 15 year old girl and now to a 17 year old and now to be taught aurically by the oldest human on earth (if indeed one considered him to be a human still).

Elohar remembered something she caught a glimpse of from Jonathan Flow's mind in 2010. Since Meridian was now an evolution of this same Jonathan Flow that was once her son--- she wondered.
She looked into Meridian's eyes and they twinkled like an old elf's. So she reached into his mind for this memory and he didn't resist. Soon, she found the memory of Jonathan Flow, Meridian's much younger self now age 37 in early 1986. He was in Dharmsala, India with his 2nd wife and their children. A Tibetan friend that had been a monk until he cared for his parents as they passed on by supporting them, took him and his family to see Ling Rinpoche in a stone hut.(the Senior Teacher of the Dalai Lama) had been meditating for 2 years straight in 1986 and wasn't expected to come back to full life again. But his body was not decomposing. No, his body demonstrated that he was a Saint by being like this in the Maitreya Mudra now for 2 years straight 24 hours a day. Young Jonathan Flow felt the blast of Darshan from the heaven realms course through his body and after he could take no more he walked outside and began to cry. All his life he had only known being born, living and dying. But this was something different. Ling Rinpoche had found a way to go to the heaven realms without being dead and to send back blessings for two years now by using his body like a TV or radio transmitter to life on earth and throughout the universe. Jonathan thought this must be very important somehow.

Elohar suddenly came back into her body with a shock. Meridian(older and wiser Jonathan Flow by 5000 years) was smiling a radiant smile and light was coming out of his eyes. Elohar had the tears of Jonathan in her realization too. She said, "Ling Rinpoche created you  to be what you are now by having you come to him and experience the heaven realms in your aura and body radiating from his Maitreya Mudra."

Meridian said, "So very fast. See how quick you move now?"

And suddenly Elohar just lost consciousness. It was just too powerful to not pass out.

When she awoke she felt her whole body and mind reprogrammed directly from the heaven realms. Meridian was right. His method was fast like a lightning bolt straight to  your spine from the heaven realms of earth.

Chapter 4 Elohar: A different Person

At first Elohar was a little scared. She said to Meridian, "You let me do that to myself, didn't you?"
Meridian looked into Elohar and said, "My assignment from King Interlaken is to take you as far and as fast as you are capable without breaking you."

Elohar looked at him and said, "Do you have any idea of what I'm capable of?"
Meridian said, "Remember, dear. I see the past present and future as it was and as it will be."
Elohar said, "How can you contain all that?"
Meridian said, "I don't even try to contain it. I just observe it and I'm aware only of what seems important in any given moment."
Elohar said, "So it's sort of like driving a car or flying a helicopter to school? You sort of watch out for what is dangerous and enjoy the rest if you can?"
Meridian said, "Yes. Pretty much. You just have to try to keep yourself and as many beings as you can out of danger as everything sort of whizzes by at the speed of light."
Elohar said, "Speed of light?"
Meridian said, "Remember I perceive things much differently than you do dear, after 5000 years of human experience and beyond."
Elohar said, "Oh."
Elohar looked inside herself and found now all the memories of Jonathan Flow since his birth until he became Meridian. She said, "Why do I have all your memories, Meridian?
Meridian smiled and said, "So you could walk a mile in my shoes. Things will go much faster if you understand why I'm teaching you in the way I am and the way that I will."
Elohar said, "You are actually very methodical and efficient. I wouldn't have thought you to be such a scientist. I thought you were more of The King's Seer".
Meridian said, "I'm both."

Elohar said, "What will I be like?"
Meridian said, "Though I see it I cannot talk to you about that much without changing and rearranging time even further".
Elohar: "But you knew when I went to 2010?"
Meridian: "I knew when you were born that you were my mother come again. So I knew how you would be again and beyond. Also, remember I'm Jonathan Flow. I wrote "Memories" starting in 1980 through whenever. The King had Ragna retrieve these writings, but I still have a copy or two myself embeded in quartz crystal myself even after all these years."
Elohar was amazed and said, "Have you kept writing all 5000 years?"
Meridian: "I haven't always showed much of it to anyone because people wouldn't understand but 'yes' I have kept writing. After my last wife passed away I found it kept me company to write. My children and grandchildren knew I was still alive and kept in touch with me too but eventually that was all a bridge too far."

Elohar: "Meridian? What happens now? Will I be safe?"
Meridian said, "Are any of us really safe? I don't really know the answer to that question, Elohar. However, you and I are here now and that makes me happy."
Elohar said, "I'm happy to know you were once my son. I gave birth to your body in my previous body over 5000 years ago!"
Meridian said, "Yes. You did. But now, I"m all that's left alive if that is what I am from that era. So when people even talk about it now they get it all wrong because they weren't there. You can get a little closer because you were just there when I was only 62 and you had only been totally gone for about 1 1/2 years then."
Elohar said, "Do you want to talk about it, Meridian?"
Meridian: "No. I got talked out about it 5000 years ago. We should move on."
Elohar said, "Okay."

Elohar said, "What was I like as your mother?"
Meridian looked into Elohar and wondered how this might be useful to her now. He decided that it was a bonding experience for the two of them and proceeded on her behalf.

Meridian said, "Can I give you some more specific memories of my childhood with her?"
Elohar said,"Of course. How do we do that?"
Meridian simply walked up to her and put his right thumb on her forehead and and put his fingers and palm over the top of her head."
She said, "This is how you transfer memories?"
Meridian said, "This is how I have done it in many lifetimes."
She said, "Oh."
Elohar said, "You and she were very precious together."
Meridian smiled and said, "It's one of the reasons I"m still alive now. It was a very amazing relationship my mother and I had. She didn't drink or smoke and I don't even think she dated very many guys because she was sort of shy when she was young. She wasn't raised rich and the Great Depression was very difficult for her family even though they always had a place to live during those times. But during the time I knew her all that was already gone and the clearest memories I have of her started in San Diego in 1952. Before that I just remember her singing along with Mario Lanza
Be My Love -
Ave Maria
note: If you haven't heard these two songs by Mario Lanza click on "Be My Love" and "Ave Maria" above.

Meridian said,"I was about two or three years old in Seattle and she would usually play the record and sing along and her voice was just so beautiful in harmony with "Mario Lanza" that sometimes little tears would come down my face from how beautiful their two voices sounded together. When my mother sang in church it would take your breath away."
Elohar said, "So she was a religious person."
Meridian:"I wouldn't say she was a religious person. I would say she was a naturally spiritual person who was very intuitively gifted and who had a great deal of common sense, much more than most people I have met in my life."
Elohar: "So you would say she was very special."
Meridian:"Yes. Just like you but you in this life are much more intellectually gifted than she was. That is why you will go so far. Because of all the work you did in that lifetime as my mother, your soul has progressed into something even more amazing than you were before."
Elohar: "So you have great expectations for me?"
Meridian smiled:"I see what you will become. But I can't do it for you. It must come from the burning in your own heart for it to work at all."
Elohar: "So then you are more a guidance counselor than a teacher?"
Meridian:"I'm both for now. But what I need to know the most is what is important to you? What is your motivation in life? What makes your heart sing?"
Elohar said, "You have to give me a little time. All this has happened so fast I need a night to sleep and to think about it all so I can make some sense of it."
Meridian: "I can give you all the time you need. However, knowing the King he will want us to spend 4 to 8 hours a day learning together. But we can do that anywhere, Elohar. So think about where you want to be that will inspire you. Okay?"
Elohar: "Sounds like fun!"
Meridian: "It will be."

Chapter 5 Solar Powered Helicopters

When Elohar got up the next morning and showered on the King's Yacht "The Awesome" and had breakfast with the King and his family, she spoke to Meridian about learning while flying Solar Powered Helicopters.

The King spoke up. He said, "The one request I would make is that if you are actually trying to learn while flying you both need to be riding a two passenger helicopter on Autopilot."
Elohar said, "Can we be on two single passenger Helicopters? I'm pretty attached to the  one you gave me, Your Highness?"
The King frowned but said, "Yes. If both helicopters are on interlock so both operating systems are in sync so you two can be within 1 mile of each other while communicating through Ear buds or helmet to helmet communications then I'll agree to that. Your learning process, Elohar, Just like mine will be intensive to come up to speed for what I will need you to be, just like mine was intensive with Meridian to come up to speed to eventually become King of Europe and present Head of Earth's governments. I could never have made the transition while piloting my own helicopter. It just would have been too dangerous."

Elohar said, "Then I will defer to Meridian and when he tells me it is too intense to be piloting cover certain material."
King Interlaken said, "I'll agree to that."
Meridian looked pleased with both his pupils and beamed proudly at them both. He was very proud of the King he had trained and very proud and amazed to be training this reincarnation of his mother called Elohar. All three smiled a knowing smile.

As Meridian changed his robes of state for a jumpsuit more appropriate for flying in a single passenger helicopter Elohar was surprised to see Meridian out of his robes of state. As the main advisor to King Interlaken and his senior teacher he had many roles to play for someone over 5000 years old.

There was a smile on Meridian's face as his mother's reincarnation and he took off in their single passenger Helicopters from the deck of the King's large Yacht, "The Awesome"

Note: For those of you who have read the Memories series located in 7 web pages and 11 parts

I would have put a word button above instead of a an internet address you have to paste or type yourself in but if I put a word button it changed the type face into something larger for everything I was writing afterward so I decided to do it this way instead.  The real reason for this note is that the King's Time Traveling UFO that Ragna often uses for managing Time from 10,000 BC to 10,000 AD is also called by the King "The Awesome" So on the sea he has "The Awesome" and when the King Travels time to observe history first hand he tends to travel in  "The Awesome". However, when he comes forward or backward  in time on diplomatic missions to present, past or future Earth Governments he travels time and space in a ship the size of the Queen Mary so present day Earth diplomats can visit him in the large Time-Space  ship under the ocean or in a very deep lake. The last visit was in Lake Tahoe within the last few years that I know of personally. So, the Awesome is about the size of a large Motor Home and the diplomatic ship is the size of the Queen Mary. end note.

Back to the story:

As Elohar and Meridian flew towards the shore of the French Riviera Meridian asked Elohar through her helmet com where they were going. Meridian knew something that Elohar didn't which was that the King likely would listen to their transmissions real time or at some time in the future to monitor their progress. Though Meridian hoped Elohar wouldn't say anything to compromise her relationship with the King he knew he could steer the conversation in such a way that he could better protect her. But he would be forbidden to tell her that the King would be listening in real time or at his own discretion.

As they came over the beach of Nice Elohar looked down at the portable homes there. Because of the potential of radiation dust and sand blowing over the ocean from the Middle East and Africa everything was either brought in as tents or trailers or it was stored underground and lifted out of the ground hydraulically that was a home. In this way one could wash off the roof before hydraulically lifting the home out of the ground after leaving the area by the end of the summer or whenever radiation dust was detected on the winds. Some times they could only be on the ocean days, weeks but sometimes they had months. It all depended on the year.

When the dust came "The Awesome" was sailed out of the  Mediterranean ocean and into the Atlantic away from any dust into a safe harbor until the dust settled down and it was safe enough to come back. "The Awesome" had pumps to wash off all external surfaces above water to wash the radioactive dust into the water so it would settle on the ocean floor and not affect humans so much. Obviously, the genetics of undersea life had changed worldwide but not as much as the above sea life.

Meridian spoke clearly into his helmet com. "Where do you want to go, Elohar?"
Elohar: How about my favorite summertime Meadow on the side of the Matterhorn?"
Meridian said, "Oh. I think that would be really beautiful this time of year. That would be spring with all the flowers at that altitude. What are the handling characteristics of these single passenger helicopters at that altitude?"
Elohar said, "I am fine at my weight because I'm young but we could tell the helicopter to increase the angle of attack on the chopper blades if we need to. However, if we do that it will burn up power faster."
Meridian said, "If I put it on automatic before we get to that altitude the artificial intelligence will compensate and  save power and be the most efficient."
Elohar said, "Yes. We'll do that when we go above 4000 feet in altitude."
Meridian said, "Have you checked the weather. Will we be safe from thunderstorms?"
Elohar said, "I'm a pretty spontaneous person, Meridian."
Meridian said,"So am I. That's why I'm still alive at 5000 years."
They both laughed because this seemed funny somehow.

Meridian said, "Shall we follow the Coast towards Italy?"
Elohar said, "Yes. It is incredibly beautiful today. Do you have sunglasses or a sun shield on your helmet."
Meridian: "I've got a sun shield on my helmet that I can use. I brought sunglasses but they are in the storage area now."
Elohar said, "Great!"

As they flew above the coastal cliffs and beaches Meridian thought of a trip he took here in 2009 with his wife and daughters. He sighed and felt suddenly good to be with his mother as a young woman again. It was like he was coming back to life. He actually felt sort of like Lazarus in this and smiled. He was really enjoying flying with Elohar!

The Azure Blue Sea was so very beautiful today. There were many sailboats and power boats that were moored at Monaco which is where the King moored his yacht as well most of the year. As they flew over Monaco Meridian remembered what it had looked like in 2009 in the fall and remembered the Rolls Royce Dealership and Lotus and Lamborghini and Ferrari Dealerships as he walked by them with his family on the way to a dinner at a Monaco Restaurant.

It all looked so very different today in 7015

Note: Remember if you read about Elohar and Ragna that they didn't come to 2005, 1969 or all the other dates in our present world era until their time 7028.

So, as they flew over Monaco Harbor it sent chills up Meridian's spine to remember 2009 once again. But soon, he was just so captivated by the beauty of the ocean and the day and just being with Elohar that the past all faded away into a more manageable place in his heart and mind.

Meridian said to Elohar, "I want us to go on automatic a little. I want to share the ambiance of this moment to get to understand how your abilities function. Okay?"

Elohar felt a little scared. It wasn't every day that you had to share your deepest secrets with a 5000 year old man who was once your son.

She mustered a little courage and said, "Okay."

Meridian said, "I'll try to keep this light, Elohar. I'm trying to establish some scientific parameters of your abilities. First of all, how do you perceive yourself as a being? What are you?

Elohar said, "I don't really know how to answer that. I've always seen myself in a sort of Celtic way, I guess."
Meridian said, "Oh. You were full blooded Scottish when you were my mother. Though both your parents were born in the United States, they were born to Scottish parents who were born in Scotland and so when something bad happened to both famlies, both families returned to Scotland and your mother and father met near Glasgow and then came back to the U.S. after they married.

Elohar said, "Oh. Then how I perceive things came from that, I guess. That and growing up this time in Switzerland in a sort of Heidi kind of world where we lived high in the Alps because of all the radiation problems lower down.

Meridian said, "Yes. There is a similarity." Meridian was quiet for a while. He thought about renting a motorhome in 1999 when he brought his mother and  oldest daughter and met his son and his friend who were traveling through Europe on a Eurail Pass. They all met in Munich and rented a 6 passenger  5 Speed stick shift Diesel Motorhome and traveled together through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and into Northern Italy where he had found the location of King Interlaken's Palace by intuition. Meridian smiled at how Elohar and Ragna had driven their motorhome (The Awesome) and parked it next to his in front of the Christina Hotel in Aosta, Italy the next morning. It sort of gave him chills to think that this was the lady who had come back through time to visit him and one of the many reasons he was here right now to teach her.

He thought of just how circular or even spherical that time was and the thought sort of spun him out of control. Quickly he realized what was out of control they were in a takeoff zone for an airport.

Meridian said, "We need to drop altitude. We're in a takeoff zone for some airport here." He pointed to the oncoming traffic and she nodded. Their helicopters suddenly dipped to avoid the problem.
Meridian realized that they had talked about switching Autopilot on but neither of them had actually done it. He said, "I'm switching us both on autopilot. That was just too close."
Elohar felt he was a back seat driver of her helicopter and was a little miffed about the whole thing. However, she would get over it.
Meridian said, "I think we should head inland when we get over Menton, Okay?"
Elohar felt included now. She said, "Okay."
Meridian said to the artificial intelligence running the helicopters, "Heli-com?" The helicom answered, "Yes. Meridian. What is it?"
Meridian said, "We want to fly inland towards the Matterhorn from Menton, Okay?"
Helicom said, "Will I be piloting both crafts or will you two be piloting?"
Meridian said, "A little of both, I think. We'll let you know."
Helicom said, "That will be fine. Just let me know what you want to do."

Helicom said, "Oh. Meridian. By the way I want to deploy the weather shield. I'll keep the vents open but I need to generate more electricity from the sun to compensate for your tall heavier frame."
Meridian said, "Okay. Will I be okay at the Altitudes we will be traveling at around the Matterhorn."
Helicom said, "What altitude will that be?"
Meridian said, "What altitude is your meadow and stream at, Elohar?"
Elohar said, I think it's somewhere between 5000 and 6000 feet in elevation."
Meridian said, "Thanks Elohar. Helicom?"
Helicom said, "I heard Elohar. In order to be safe we must fly you directly into the location with no sightseeing at first. Once we land we can deploy the full solar generator. Another option is to visit a generating station built for vehicles like this at the Italian Parks service there before we land at the meadow."
Meridian said, "We need to stop a moment at the parks service generating station. It only takes about ten minutes for a full recharge of my batteries."
Though Elohar really wanted to get to her meadow as soon as possible she knew this was the safe and wise thing to do.

as they landed at the park service recharging station there were people present that Elohar knew. She wondered how to handle this. Meridian sensed her tense up and said, "Do you know these people from College?"
Elohar said, "Yes. There looks to be two of my professors with a Botany class studying the flora and fauna of the Swiss Alps for the summer.

Meridian said, "How did you know that?"
Elohar said as she laughed, "They told me they were going to do this."
Meridian laughed.

So they landed rather quickly and Elohar greeted her friends from college and her professors and as Meridian was plugging in his helicopter she introduced him to her friends Anna Rolf, Ingrid and Jorges. They were pretty impressed as they all knew who Meridian was as the Senior Teacher of the King. They wondered why Elohar was traveling with Meridian. Meridian answered, "The King wished me to escort Elohar up to the Meadows of the Matterhorn so and to teach her what I knew about the flowers there.

Rolf answered this with, "Oh. Why don't you let us join you? We would like to know what you will teach too."
Meridian smiled and said, "Would you like them to join us, Elohar?"
Elohar said, "Oh, Yes. I would like that Meridian."
Meridian said, "Well. Go get your helicopters and we'll go as soon as I recharge mine. It'll be about 10 minutes time. So pretty soon there were 4 new helicopters parked in proximity of their two.
Rolf said, "We already charged ours so we're ready to go whenever you are."

Note: Most of the people who went to college in Zurich were related directly or indirectly to King Interlaken in much the same way that many people who attend Oxford and Cambridge in England are related in some way to Queen Elizabeth present day. So there really wasn't a security problem in inviting them to join Meridian and Elohar.

Meridian started a new conversation and said, "Have any of you had Arcane St. Germain the noted Interplanetary Cultural Anthropologist this year?"
Elohar said, "I have." And to of the others nodded their heads as well.
Elohar went on, "What is that accent of his? It is from another planet?"
Meridian said, "Yes. He had to trim his tongue to fit in when he first came to earth."
Elohar said, "I'm told he's very old but he doesn't look or act like it."
Meridian: "He was my teacher, Elohar, so he's very old, older than me."
Elohar's breath was taken away by this as she suddenly realized things were beyond her ken now.
Rolf said, "How old are you, Meridian if that's not too rude."
Meridian said, "Oh. I have been regenerated at least 3 or 4 times so far."
Rolf said, "So let's see. That makes you at least 200 years old then. I have a great grandfather still living that old maybe you know him."
Meridian said, "I do know your Great Grandfather, Rolf. We used to play golf sometimes."
Rolf said, "Wow. I hope I can live as long as you two!"
Meridian looked into Rolf and said, "I think you will be a part of the government some day, Rolf, and that you will outlive even me, maybe."
The hair stood up on the back of Rolf's neck. He too, knew he was in totally amazing company now.

When the flew to the meadow Meridian talked about how flowers had changed over the last 5000 years and how they had mutated slightly from the ones in the 20th century before the Nuclear Catastrophy in 2001.

note: All these young college students had grown up accepting  the horror of 6 billion plus people dying almost instantly(or horribly within a few months time) 5000 years before and so though all felt charred inside by it,  it was just a part of life just like 70 million dying in World War II worldwide is for people today.

After a time Elohar's four friends went back to their campsite where they stayed for a few weeks in the same area as their summer school professors. This left Elohar and Meridian sitting around a campfire that night.

Meridian said, "You know, my helicom said that if we go up to Gornergrat at around 10,000 feet that they have battery boosters provided for free by the Parks Service. This will triple my flying time ability at these high altitudes. I want to go pick up a booster for my heli and for yours.
Elohar looked at Meridian and realized just how amazing and efficient he really was.

Elohar said, "You really don't like people to know just how efficient and gifted your are, do you?"
Meridian:"Well. I learned as a boy if people don't know what you are capable of, you always win."
Elohar said, "You're really scary aren't you, Meridian?"
Meridian said, "I always survive anything. That's my gift."
Elohar shuddered. She understood more every day why Meridian was the King's senior teacher while growing up. She looked at Meridian and said, "Can I ask a question about Arcane St. Germain who teaches at my college?"
Meridian smiled and said, "Yes."
Elohar: "How old is he really if he is your teacher just like you are the King's teacher."
Meridian: "Honestly. I don't know. He's from another planet and a time traveler. I only know he was born approximately 1,000,000 years into the future on another planet and he is a planet saver.
Elohar said, "A what?"
Meridian: "He's a Planet Saver. You know there is a World Savior like Jesus. Well. A Planet saver is kind of the stage before you get evolved enough to be a Jesus."
Elohar: "You mean he's a living Saint?"
Meridian: "He's a Galactic Saint."
Elohar began shaking. Her whole world was coming undone these past few days. She excused herself and moved into her tent and quickly went to sleep.

In her dreams she saw Meridian and her parents and the King and Arcane St. Germain all sitting in what looked like thrones in a circle around her. She said to them, "I'm really scared. Every thing I  believed is coming apart. I'm afraid I might lose my mind."

Her father spoke first. He said, "Do you remember, Elohar, when you were a little girl?"
She said, "Yes."
He said, "Think of all the different ways you perceived the reality within and around you growing up."
She said, "Okay."
Her Dad said, "Well. This is just another step forward that many don't ever get to make. Okay?"
Elohar fainted in her dream. When she woke up the next morning she was ready to proceed with her new life and future.

Elohar said, "Good Morning, Meridian. I like your tent. It's quite exoticly painted."
Meridian said, "Oh. It reminds me of the late 1960s and early 1970s."
Elohar: "I don't know much about that period of history."
Meridian smiled. "It was about social revolution. Color, Freedom of every kind and of moving back to the land."
Elohar said, "If you say so."
Meridian:"You had to be about 16 to 25 during the late 1960s and into the 1970s to really appreciate what was happening then."
Elohar: "I just like your tent with the Matterhorn painted on it." Meridian smiled. "Did you see the other side with the Crystal palace painted on that?"
Elohar looked on the other side and gasped.
"Did a court artist paint this?"
"No. Actually my Bio-Com did."
Elohar: "You have one too." The only other one she knew about was embedded in the King. She was stunned.
Meridian said, "You have one too since last night."
Elohar said, "That just isn't possible."
Meridian smiled and said, "You don't know Purple Delta 7."
Elohar: "Who's that?"
Meridian said, "You're not ready for that yet."
Elohar: "You're kidding me about all this aren't you?"
Meridian looked very serious for a moment and then said, "Maybe."
So Elohar laughed thinking all this was a joke. Meridian smiled but she was worried a little because he didn't laugh.
Meridian thought to himself, "Just how much can she know without completely losing it?" So, at least for now he realized Elohar's Biocom was a bridge too far. He said telepathically to Elohar's Biocom, "You answer only to me for now. She cannot handle your existence just yet. I'll have to create a meeting sometime between her and Purple Delta 7.

note: Purple Delta 7 first shows up in:

She is also in:

Elohar said, "I just caught you in something of a strange situation. How can you be here and have lived in 2010 in the new timeline?"
Meridian smiled, "Boy. Aren't you smart? I can't of course. The reality is that there are now at least 3 of me manufactured sort of by you and Arcane in the future."
Elohar said: "What?"
Meridian said, "I have two bodies on this timeline, at least. And I have at least one on the new timeline.
note: We are on the new timeline sometimes called Timeline 2 that started 9-11 the second time it happened. On our timeline most of the world wasn't incinerated accidentally that day. On the first timeline it was called the Nuclear Catastrophe because that was what it was, a complete misunderstanding which caused the end of the world as we knew it except for Switzerland and a few other places which didn't fare as well as Switzerland. Remember, Switzerland is a neutral country. It has no nuclear weapons pointed at it and never has from any side. end note.

Chapter 7 Saint Germain (There isn't a Chapter 6 yet in case you were looking for one.)

note. Since Saint Germain is often thought of as Lord of the 7th Ray (the violet or purple ray) I thought it would be fitting for him to be Chapter 7. Also, if you understand Francis Bacon and the Shakespearean Plays and the 7 codes in the original manuscripts and of the Comte. De Saint Germain of the 18th Century  that historical figures often talk about in their writings.

2nd note: But in this following I'm simply explaining Saint Germain more like I have experienced him present day (Present day meaning during my lifetime which began in April 1948) end note.

Elohar realized that she was having trouble because she kept passing out. Reality wasn't really working for her. Meridian often put her in her tent after moving her tent into a shadier spot. Meridian decided he should Summon Arcane St. Germain to smoothe out Elohar's transition as he had more training in this area than Meridian.

As St. Germain appeared in a Green sphere given to him 1,000,000 years into the future (when Meridian was much older and wiser) when Meridian trained then young Arcane and told him he would be coming back in time to work in the past. (Often beings alternate training each other by being born again and the one still living training the new child in the Tibetan Buddhist Culture as well).

Meridian smiled as Arcane(St. Germain) appeared and said, "Thank you for coming. I don't want her personality to split from too many new variables in her awareness. First, she was summoned to be a part of the King's Court so this has changed her whole life. Now she has to be made aware of the King officiating over actual time travel from 10,000 BC to 10,000 AD.  This and dealing with all her girlish fantasies and new abilities coming to the fore is proving too much for the girl in the context of what the King has asked me to bring her to."

Arcane(St. Germain) said, "Then you will have to pretend to do what the King asks but only do what is good for Elohar long term."

Meridian said, "How do we accomplish that ARcane?"

Arcane said, "Do you trust me to touch her?"
Meridian said, "If I can witness the event we both cover each other."
Arcane said, "I"m only going to put my thumb on her forehead to integrate all the pieces of her for this 20,000 year segment of time."
Meridian said, "What if the Lemurians become involved?"
Arcane said, "Well. That's there business if she meddles in their designated affairs on purpose or by accident."
Meridian: "So you know they won't harm her?"
Arcane:"Well. If she goes back to their era they will consider her to be an abomination and reorder her mind temporarily."
Meridian: "Won't that hurt her?"
Arcane: "I don't think so. She's pretty strong or she will be by 7028. I've met her then already you realize."
Meridian:"I mostly just move through time regularly now so I have not had that experience yet and won't for about 10 to 15 years yet."
Arcane: "It's okay, Meridian. Everything in good time."
Meridian sighed as he watched St. Germain(Arcane) put his thumb on Elohar's forehead in her sleep.

Elohar's dreams became different sort of suddenly, She was sitting on her bed and a new energy that was violet light or flames started dancing around her room. She watched the smoke of confusion burn out black from her mind and chest. She began to feel peace once more as the black smoke billowing now out of her took all her confusion away. The world began to make sense and all her mental and spiritual and intuitive faculties came into order, She thought to herself, "Why didn't I think of ordering my life this way before?" The question created an answer, "Because you didn't know enough of components to figure this out before." Peace came strongly into her mind and soul. When she woke up she looked out of her tent to see the sun beginning to set on a nearby peak. "How fitting" she thought "My past is completed by this sunset. I begin a new life in the morning. I'm free!"

Elohar looked over at Meridian who was speaking with someone she recognized. Who was it?  "Oh My God!" she thought it was Arcane Saint Germain her professor from college. She felt her hair stand up on the back of her neck and felt faint at first but Saint Germain was ready for this. He realigned her mind stream so she could cope remotely without moving his body in any way to give himself away. Elohar suddenly felt a surge of strength and solidity. This became that moment the new Elohar. She had just grown up. She wasn't entirely sure how but she had just grown up. She would never be just a girl again.

So she greeted her two new teachers in life. They had breakfast made and soon Princess Gwen flew in unexpectedly on her solar powered Helicopter. She said, "I got bored. I hope you don't mind me joining you." Elohar said, "I'm glad to have another female around to commiserate with."
Gwen said, "I thought you might."
Meridian and Saint Germain just smiled and sensed everything was in order somehow.

But Gwen's father had been a little worried about Elohar's progression and had sent Princess Gwen up to spy on Elohar and her progress.

Gwen's mind saw fully into Elohar's mind and saw the disorder that had suddenly been righted and knew that Saint Germain and Meridian had been working pretty hard on Elohar so she wouldn't just skitz out (as in permanent multiple personalities from all the changes). Gwen was always amazed by what these two men (if men is what they actually were) were capable of. But most of all Gwen was just glad that her college friend Elohar was doing as well as she was with these two very old male beings teaching her. Gwen thought, "Father will be very pleased at the results. I wouldn't have believed it possible in such a short time!"

So Gwen and Elohar went off for a hike up a stream with many waterfalls up towards the Matterhorn while Meridian and Saint Germain discussed what was to come next.

Meridian: "I'm amazed how quickly you got her to accept an adult way of seeing all this."
Saint Germain:"It's just a part of my training on New Deva. I was trained to do this kind of thing for young Dragons of Compassion on my planet. Often they would have more abilities than experience to even know how to integrate their abilities into the real world, so unless I did this kind of thing they would self destruct out of complete confusion and their gifts would be lost. They were all kind of like rocket ships or race cars and very fine tuned. So unless someone helped them they would either go crazy or die in some awful way because they just couldn't cope with their abilities in the real world."

Meridian:"In some ways all young people that are gifted are a little like that, Saint Germain. They need guidance to stay alive to be useful to their families, and friends and the whole human race. So the ones who get good guidance from people they respect and love make it and those who don't often aren't around very long."

Saint Germain: "Yes. It's the luck of the draw. Karma. Isn't it? You know, it's very strange for me old friend. You and I are now physically about the same age. But when I first met you, you had already lived over 1 million years here on earth and I was only 27. Then when I was about 35 I was sent to earth by the Galactic Time Guard as a Planetary Anthropologist and I first met you and you were a very gifted young man considering suicide and I had to pretend to be Saint Germain even though I wasn't really him yet. In fact, the future you told me I had to do this. So, right now, you are alive because I saved you by pretending I was Saint Germain even though I hadn't got their yet but by pretending I was him you believed me when I said I was and you survived and because you believed in me being Saint Germain I became Saint Germain both through attainment and experience and time lived throughout the Galaxy. So which came first the chicken or the egg old friend. First, you saved me when I was just 27 in Earth years and then I went back as you directed me and I saved you. But without us both doing all these things New Deva would have ended as a planet and awful things would have happened throughout the universe. But because we kept saving each other through time all these good things happened. It is very Zen like. And I still can't figure out even now whether the chicken or egg came first.

Meridian looked at Saint Germain and said, "By the way I have been meaning to ask you something for about two hundred years now.
Saint Germain said, "Yes."
Meridian: "How did the Swiss Government reform after the nuclear Catastrophe? It seemed like everyone was dying and I never did get a real understanding regarding how all that came about.
Saint Germain looked very sad. "I don't like talking about it because it reminds me a lot of when I was about 27 years old and I was on Isfahel. But, for you, old friend, I need to share this one more time."
Meridian said, "I don't want you to suffer in order for me to know."
Saint Germain said, "No. I want to share this with you. Someone other than me needs to know the fullness of it.  First of all, After I found you and put you in stasis in a place in the Alps where no radiation could reach you to compromise your genetics, I blipped in and out of time trying to decide what to do it was just so incredibly awful. I had read your accounts during the 20th and 21st Century when you were known as Jonathan Flow of your lifetime as Flame the evolved Octopus whose species originated on Earth. What he relayed through you struck a chord in me and I realized just like Flame did that it was completely up to him to save everyone. So once I realized that I was the only one capable of making a difference I did. Most everyone else was just so reduced by no food, no culture, no sanity, no useful genetics, no technology not destroyed, no living family that I had to step in and change all that.

So I got people who I tested that were still sane and genetically okay to move to higher altitudes so their dna wouldn't get anymore corrupted. Then I re-established tribes with unified armies to defend against marauders. Then I set up high altitude hydroponics with equipment that already existed on earth. All I had to do was to bring in Galactic Time Guard Semi Truck sized transporters from different locations in the Galaxy to here on earth into the Alps. The Alps were the least harmed by the World Nuclear Cataclysm for a variety of reasons and so I concentrated all my will power and culturally and technically developing skills there. I had to deify myself into a sort of super medicine man deity but in the end civilization was reborn through my efforts and all the ones who believed in me made it happen. So, today we have at least one civilization left on earth from which to build as dna becomes more stable worldwide in the future."

Note: A Time Space Displacer can move thousands of people at once unharmed from any location to any location on the same planet, It can also move any object on that planet up to the size of a super oil tanker to something the size of the Empire State Building. The advantage of such a device is that you only need one safe location on a planet. No other location is needed. You simply through GPS types of devices locate what you need and  bring it to a central location where you want the beings or people to be or where you want the devices of all sizes to be. It looks a lot like an entrance to a tunnel but functions more like a portable wormhole that is controlled in such a way that one can designate who or what is to be moved to that location and even what condition it or they  will be in when it or they arrive. end note.

Meridian said, "Wow. I knew it was something like this but I finally had to know enough to be able to ask useful questions over the next however many years I'm alive."

Saint Germain said, "Well. I met you almost 1,000,000 years from now so you still have quite a ways to go, Meridian."

Meridian said, "One day at a time. Otherwise I couldn't do it."

Meanwhile Gwen and Elohar walked while laughing like the brook they walked beside as they climbed in altitude alongside the stream over waterfalls and pools.

Gwen said, "Tell me about 2010 on the new timeline. I'm envious of you."
Elohar: "Is it okay to talk to you about this. Well. I guess it doesn't matter it's on a different timeline and its long past. I can talk about it I think. "

Gwen said, "I don't see the harm either."

Elohar:"Well. After I saw Jonathan Flow. Uh, Meridian when he was only 62---."
Gwen "What!"
Elohar: "I saw my son from my previous lifetime."
Gwen said, "You mean reincarnation is a real thing?!"
Elohar said, "It is for me and was for my son, I believe."
Gwen said, "Go on."
Elohar:"When I saw my son I felt his pain at losing me. I died when I was almost 90."
Gwen said, "Why do you know so much?"
Elohar: "OH. Meridian put his thumb on my forehead and shared his childhood memories with me. Even though it's not the same as remembering my past life fully, it's better than nothing. Besides, because of his memories some of my own memories from that lifetime are flooding back as well."
Gwen said, "Isn't that a little creepy? Seeing the memories of someone 5000 years ago?"
Elohar: "Well. It is a lot different than I expected. I wasn't rich in that lifetime especially when I was a child. Sometimes, we barely had enough food to eat during the Great Depression. And we kept warm with a metal barrel that my Dad made into a wood stove. And the doors had leather hinges on them because we couldn't afford metal ones."
Gwen said, "That's kind of unbelievable for me. Tell me about your experiences in 2010."
Elohar: "Well. I was walking along the Cote D'Azure (French Riviera) on the beach at Nice and suddenly everything faded out and I was in a forest somewhere."
Gwen said, "Don't you get scared when that happens?"
Elohar said, "No. It's more like an adventure. I've never been stranded in a bad place or even stranded at all. I can come back from wherever whenever at any time I want to."
Gwen: "I really can't imagine experiencing all that. It would scare me to death."
Elohar: "Everyone's gifts are different Gwen. You see everyone's mind that lets you."
Gwen:"That's different! I entertain myself by looking into people's minds. Otherwise I would be bored to tears all the time. Besides, if a boy likes me it is quite an advantage, especially if I like him too!"
They both laughed at this and skipped flat pebbles across one of the  larger ponds.

Elohar said, "Gwen, I'm fading out I'm going somewhere new."
Gwen said, "Are you going to be okay?"
Elohar said, "I always have been before."
Gwen watched Elohar fade out of existence right before her eyes. Gwen Cried because this was all so new to her. For Gwen it was like Elohar died or disappeared and Gwen was now scared. Talking about this and watching it actually happen were two very very different things. Gwen fully believed that Elohar was a National Treasure at this point. She sat down on a rock shaking.

Both Arcane and Meridian felt the disturbance to the forcefield of the whole area they came quickly because they both felt Gwen crying and Felt Elohar had disappeared.

Meridian and Arcane both had looks in their eyes that said, "Where is Elohar?"
Gwen just said through her tears. "She's gone."
Both men felt her soul and  Meridian being the Elder said, "She's okay. We can both feel her soul. She is in very good hands."

Date:  Wednesday October 13th, 2010
Time: 9:30A.M. – 11:00A.M.
Event:  Amitabha Permission Initiation
Location:  Event Center Arena – San Jose State University
The gate will be open at 7:00A.M. and closed at 9:15A.M.  
She read the sign and had appeared back in October 2010 again this time at a place called San Jose State University. She saw Jonathan Flows spirit or ghost alongside her. He took her arm and walked into the event with her. "Hello Mother born again". Did you ever meet the Dalai Lama in your previous life?" 
Elohar said, "I think I only saw him on TV in that life"
Jonathan said, "Well he's here today. But I didn't find out quite soon enough to physically come. I wished you could be here and so you are."
Elohar said, "So your desire for me to see him in person drew me here?"
Jonathan said, "Yes. I  don't know if he will reincarnate as the Dalai Lama again or not. So I wanted to you experience his presence. He is a living Buddha."
Elohar smiled, This was truly amazing to be here with her father in spirit form. Only this time he was in spirit and she was in the flesh. When they sat down she noticed that where Jonathan sat no one else sat. It was as if all knew that the seat was already taken. Amazing!

Back in Switzerland Meridian and Arcane and Gwen waited patiently for the return of Elohar. About 6 hours later she faded back into being again and Gwen let out a very big sigh. However, Arcane and Meridian were staring at something next to Elohar.

Arcane spoke first, "Jonathan? I don't think this is the best idea you've ever had to come to an alternate timeline."
Jonathan said, "Well. I let Elohar talk me into it. She didn't want to leave my 62 year old self back there so soon."
Arcane: "Well. As soon as possible you should go home to the other timeline. Do you want me to go with you?
Jonathan: "If you think that is best."
Arcane: "I do. But let's finish what she wanted first."
Jonathan: "Okay".
Elohar said, "I want you to meet my son when he was 62 from my last life, Gwen."
Gwen said, "I can't see anything or anyone here. But I can feel a new presence like a younger Meridian!"
Elohar: "Yes. That's right! It's just my 62 year old son who eventually becomes Meridian." At this, Elohar seemed to be trying to make some sense of the two timelines and said to Meridian and Arcane. "So there are two Jonathan Flows that become two different Meridians?"
Arcane spoke up first. "Yes. Eventually they both are phase shifted into the same Meridian, however, with both sets of memories."
Elohar: So, Meridian because he lives on both timelines also has to help with two entirely different sets of Heavens?"
Arcane: "Well. The heavens tend to work for both timelines. Heavens have much less concern or problem with multiple timelines than beings who are actually living in time and space. Heavens aren't really occupying either time or space but are consciousness based. Therefore someone in a heaven is often allowed to visit any time or space relating to their physical birth planet of that incarnation."
Elohar said, "I see I've got a lot to learn about all this."
Arcane: "It won't really be that useful to you for several years yet. What you really need to study is how to help people and creatures of both timelines from about 50,000 years into the past to about another 10,000 years into the future. Within 10 years there will be no one more qualified within Earth's present government than you to advise the king regarding all these times and spaces. This will be a big part of your role as an intuitive and Seer for this government."

Elohar sort of shivered from the realization of her present and future responsibilities to Earth, past, present and future and then in the same breath turned to Jonathan, her son from her previous life on Earth and said, "What was it you were really trying to introduce me to this time back in 2010?"

Jonathan looked sort of scared and startled and unprotected for a moment. (Remember, even though Meridian and Arcane(Saint Germain) have been trained long ago to sense and even to see a presence like Jonathan Flow(basically a time traveling soul that looked like a ghost) and even though Elohar has the natural ability to see and communicate with Jonathan in this form, Gwen, though she sensed him could not see him(but she could hear his thoughts).

Jonathan felt very on the spot. It was hard to see clearly where he was because he was also bi-locating from his body in 2010. So he felt sort of disoriented to have a conversation this focused while he was actually in two timelines and two different dates even though they were on the same planet.

So, he started sort of strangely and said, "Let me go lay down with my physical body so I can concentrate more on communicating and doing justice to this conversation."

Arcane(Saint Germain) said, "This won't be efficient. I'm going to bring your body here" So, instantly, it seemed Jonathan Flow was in a green Bubble from the future there with Elohar in the future on a different timeline than Jonathan lived in naturally.

ARcane(Saint Germain) said, "Jonathan. You need to stay in the bubble because I can't expose you to the organisms of this timeline nor can I expose your timeline to the organisms of this time line."

Jonathan said, "Okay."
All including Gwen could see Jonathan Flow now. But Gwen being new to this felt a little outclassed and afraid, especially when she looked into Jonathan Flows mind. It was as if her whole world's history had ended on 9-11-2001 and she felt faint and had to sit down on a rock.

Meridian walked over to her and put his arm around her like a grandfather or uncle figure. Gwen had tears come to her eyes but knew she would be okay because Meridian, her teacher and her father's teacher was there.

Jonathan began oblivious to Gwen's suffering because he was focused on Elohar his mother reborn in this time and on this different timeline.

Jonathan said to Elohar, "Elohar, I wanted you to experience the Dalai Lama and those around him. He is from another era, another way of doing things. When I first went to Dharamsala, India in early January 1986 with my family, I experienced for the first time a place where the heaven realms actually joined a physical realm. I watched how the monks, Lamas and Tibetan Buddhist practitioners had built a heaven realm connected to the physical. I had seen somewhat similar things around monasteries in the U.S before but somehow this was different in a fundamental way. I realized that this was the "Old Way" that religions had functioned as before modern science. And that this had been preserved in Tibet only because the mountains kept most invaders out just like the oceans had kept most invaders out of places like North America and England and Japan over the years and centuries. And that I was witnessing then in 1986 possibly the last pure form of this way of doing things that predates most modern history. And before the Dalai Lama passed on I wanted to share this with you, Elohar. Remember I met you as someone at least 10 years or more older when I was still only 21. Little did I know that I would be one of your many teachers later in my life. And so, I tried very hard to be useful to you once you came to me in a younger form of Elohar. What has existed in Tibet for over 1000 or more years now is very precious. Some people might just say, "Well. Their military isn't worth much."
But if you judge a culture totally on the basis of their military then you are no more than a barbarian."

"No. A culture can be intrinsically important beyond anything military. The countries military has only to do with how efficiently it kills the enemy. A countries culture both religious and otherwise might be priceless to the whole world. I consider the Tibetan Culture and their Buddhist philosophy an international treasure. And I think without this treasure humanity might just perish.

There is a spiritual technology and pragmatism and compassion combined that one would only get living and surviving above 8000 feet in altitude within this culture. In other words, as a culture it is one of the most efficient and self sustaining on Earth and has been for over 1000 years.

The Dalai Lama is the essence of what is good and useful about Tibet. This is why he was given the Nobel Peace Prize because he is not only like Gandhi in this, he is also for Buddhists much like the Pope in stature around the world. For you to meet him was important to me in all these ways but most of all because I don't know what will happen if or when he comes back in another baby body here on Earth. Will he be recognized? Will he be assasinated? I don't know. So having you meet him was very important to me for all these reasons and many more."

Meridian said, "I remember clearly coming here as you as my much younger self and saying all these things to Elohar". Gwen felt ill but she knew she had to be strong at this point.

Jonathan said, "I want to go home now, Arcane."
Elohar, Meridian and ARcane watched Jonathan's spirit return to his body in the Green Sphere and then watched Jonathan wave as he disappeared back into his own natural time and space of 2010.

Arcane spoke up now, he said, "Elohar. The Point of all this is there is something very special and sacred in understanding where Tibetan Buddhism came from as a culture and since it is mostly gone now in this timeline along with most of the rest of the world, Jonathan wanted to connect you to the roots of compassion through Tibetan Buddhism back all the way to Guatama Buddha.

Elohar looked at Arcane and said, "But we here in Switzerland are mostly Christian." Arcane said, "In the next 10 years you will study comparatively all the religions of the world. They all see spiritual technology from a different angle. And as you will see they are all right and in a totally different way they are mistaken about some things as well. Only by studying science and comparative religion and cultural anthropology can you find what works for you in your life. Once you become a cultural relativist you will also become a religious relativist. At this point you will take what is useful for your life from all cultures and religions and you will naturally become first a citizen of All Earth and then a citizen of the Galaxy and then a Citizen of the Universe. A lot is expected of you, Elohar.


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