Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Changes Already from Global Warming

We live in a very different world than I grew up in already. Most Glaciers that I knew as a child on Mt. Rainier, Mt. Shasta, the Sierras, the Cascades are either gone or greatly diminished and the world is very different because of it.

And remember back when people seemed to think there were only a few variables that controlled weather. Well, all that is now shot to hell because now it is generally recognized that there are thousands and millions of variables unknown mostly to scientists every day. For example, it has been found that if the glaciers begin to melt off of Iceland that that might be the only thing that has kept volcanoes  as quiet as they have been the last 100 years or more. And that now creates a new variable: Ash that prevents Airliners from taking off or landing in Europe, Iceland or the Eastern United States or Canada. And then this ash now travels around the world reducing temperatures and getting into the lungs of every thing that breathes them in just like it did during Mt. Pinatubo eruptions, Mt. St. Helens eruptions and all the rest. And it also greatly tends to reduce temperatures, possibly to the point where people can't grow food at all some places. So there is one global warming model shot to hell. Temperature reductions caused by volcanic eruptions caused by Global warming. So as you can see what will happen next is basically unknown. Because what happens when all the ice is gone from all iceland and Greenland over the next 20 years or so like scientists predict. Where do we go? Back to the stone age? Or are there still thousands and millions of other unknown variables yet to be discovered.

I suspect the Earth as an ecosystem that has been alive for millions of years has a lot more up her sleave than Any or all humans are prepared for in any way. And this includes all scientists and all other intelligent people.

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