Thursday, May 13, 2010

Water Spirit

If you have ever been to an ocean then you have seen millions of water spirits and if you have ever been to a lake you have seen many water spirits and even if you look into your swimming pool or pond or even into your toilet you have seen a water spirit. Because a water spirit in the end has a physical body made up of water. And then it has a spirit or "Mind" if you will. Now, even though it is very convenient for materialists to deny the existence of Nature spirits in general, just like if you deny that I exist and that my existence is a fairy tale or any other human being's existence is a fairy tale it might not be wise to do that for a variety of reasons unless you are a complete fool and I do not think that you are a fool.

So, I speak of water spirits because I find it useful in the course of things. Even though if you are presently or have ever looked at a beautiful waterfall of any size or shape you might find the water spirits at such places amazingly invigorating, they are still a water spirit even if they are the water in your toilet. And Just like in Harry Potter strange things happen around toilets and I think it has always been that way because I don't think water spirits have ever been happy to be pooped upon.

If we analyze how this whole toilet thing came about it likely started when people who were living some place for hundreds or thousands of years chose to live by a stream so they could only pee or poop in a stream. When I was in Nepal for example in 1985, they were still trying to teach uneducated people  then who lived high in the Himalayas not to pee and poop in streams like they have done for thousands of years. One can immediately see the logic of relieving oneself in the stream. If one was going to stay in the same place for potentially thousands of years it was the only way to reduce illness and disease at that time. So it made complete sense until world populations grew as much as they have now. Now, to do it everywhere would mean that no one could ever drink any surface water anywhere without boiling it every time. So we can all see the evolution of this kind of thinking. But you can bet the water or the water spirits likely weren't consulted about this because this didn't really ever benefit them to be relieved upon.

So, now we have to deal in the Western world at least of being expected by society to use a toilet to carry away waste wherever we are in civilization that actually has toilets regularly available for use.

So to put it mildly the biggest grudge that water spirits carry is when people put waste or carrion or other problematic things in water. But then, you have to also consider the fish and wild animals including birds that poop in water. In fact, the argument could be made that anywhere under the birds that fly (since they relieve themselves anytime) which is anywhere outside you and I ever go potentially can have or did have bird poop on it at one time or another.

I had a funny incident with one of my dogs when we were playing fetch with a stick I found in the forest. I had picked up the stick and was looking at it to make sure that there was no poop or anything bad on it and for the very first time this female dog said in my mind, "There's poop on everything!"

I was shocked because although this dog is very loving she had never directly telepathed like this before and what she had telepathed to me was sort of a revelation that I had never even considered before. By the way the stick was okay even though I had to perceive my physical reality differently after a telepathic revelation from my dog who smells everything and who KNOWS that everything has or did have poop on it outside everywhere one can ever go on earth.

So, since fish poop in the ocean and birds literally spread their poop everywhere outside, "What is wrong with people using toilets?" Well. It appears to a water spirit it is sort of like making a certain class of people always sit in the back of the bus. They may do it but sooner or later they are going to get really pissed off!

And I guess as a human race we are there in regard to water and toilets and water spirits. They have had enough.

But then one might ask, "What is a workable alternative?" My answer is I don't really know. But by defining the problem maybe someone can come up with a solution other than relieving themselves in a stream which is what we literally are still doing when we relieve ourselves in a water based toilet anywhere on earth.

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