Friday, May 7, 2010

Being a Star

Most people are just like icebergs in that 9/10 ths of them are under the water and out of sight and they don't know about this "Other" 9/10ths of themselves. However, wise people down through the ages try to figure out what is going on in the 9/10ths that are unseen by most.

Since I am a natural born intuitive it was necessary for me to understand a lot of things that most people don't give a thought to. My survival depended on it. But usually those who are gifted like I am and who figure a way to survive past 25 or 30 often are very successful in life because they took the time to understand many things that most people don't understand about.

So, part of what I'm sharing is what one of my experiences as an intuitive has taught me. I'm not asking you to believe me only that you consider the possibility like you would from a science fiction author.

Since I learned to Soul Travel at will during my late teens and 20s as an intuitive as a part of my path as a spiritual pilgrim and learned to soul travel the galaxy during this same time I encountered many different kinds of beings that live here in our galaxy with us.

One of my most interesting experiences happened in my early twenties when I soul traveled to the Galactic Core expecting to meet God there. However, instead I encountered the Galactic Governing authorities who seemed interested in me and entertained by me being there.

They told me that I was a relative of theirs that had lived a very long time (millions or billions of years) and who was extending his life so he didn't die of boredom by experiencing mortality in various forms ( maybe a million or more different forms through this galaxy and others). At the time I was only about 21 or 22 and this sort of flew over my head at the time. But as I grew older I realized this was actually a very important thing I was told at that time. So I have actually thought about this off an on for years now. And the conclusion I have come to is that many humans of earth likely are souls like this who at core are really beings like Stars or nebula or even planets or dimensions that decided to do things like incarnate on earth or other places in our galaxy and beyond.

All my life I have always considered this lifetime to only be a day in the life of my soul. So maybe this is where this attitude came from. Also, if a Star is a being then it likely perceives time and space completely differently than we humans do. And if it is capable of taking multiple incarnations on multiple planets dimensions etc. then it REALLY perceives reality differently than we do because imagine a being who could literally multitask a million incarnations at once and live them all simaltaneously potentially. This would need a consciousness that had 1,000,000 or more IQ points as well as infinite multitasking.

So, this has given me something very interesting to think about whenever I find it useful.

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