Thursday, November 1, 2018

I don't usually put ending on what I write: (in longer writings)

The closest thing to an ending was at the end of Chapter 11 when Arcane and Celeste Weaver get married on a Tahiti area Island. But, usually I don't end things simply because I never know when God will want me to write more.

Basically, whether it is the "Memories series" it is the basis (starting with Arcane being in a Time war and banished to EArth about 1,000,000 years Ad. At first I thought this was just me writing therapeutic science fiction which I realized actually was a future past life memory once I realized that a soul isn't resident in time and space (except when it is partially in a physical body on a planet like Earth). So, I realized in 1998 and 1999 while I believed I was dying then the true nature of a soul which does NOT live in time and space naturally.

How do I scientifically reconcile this?

A Soul, the best way I can scientifically talk about this is actually a lifeform that is born in Dark matter (which is another way of saying Unknown matter) which is what scientist presently theoretically speak of this.

So, from my experiential point of view is that a soul lives not in matter or time. Galaxies have matter and time (unless they are anti-matter galaxies) then something else happens. But, Time and space "ONLY" exists in a matter Galaxy like the Milky Way Galaxy. Otherwise it doesn't exist.

And a Galaxy is sort of like a waterfall in space. In other words it is temporal not permanent.

For example, a waterfall only exists while that river is running over a cliff. LIkewise when the Galaxy exists it needs energy flowing in one direction or another from one form to another.

So, a Galaxy is a conversion point of Dark matter converting into Matter and into anti-matter. So, each Matter Galaxy also has a complement anti-matter galaxy not visible except through the black hole in the center of each matter galaxy.

So, from my point of view a matter Galaxy and an Anti-matter galaxy are the split aparts of Dark matter sort of like waterfalls in the universe which sort of interrupt the flow of Dark or Unknown matter. And Souls are life forms that we spring from that don't die when in a natural state usually that do not live in time and space but can in the form of human beings. So, our souls are a life form not usually resident in a matter galaxy but can if they wish to do this.

So, our souls create galaxies as a way to feed on the conversion of energy from one form into another. And the basis of each galaxy is the nexus point which is the Black hole in the center which connects directly the matter and anti-matter galaxies. In order to have a matter galaxy and you have to have an anti-matter galaxy in order to have the two energies of Dark matter in balance.

However, it seems most scientists aren't able to prove my direct experiences yet.

For example, Einstein was a soul traveler. So, when he visualized himself on a beam of light traveling through the galaxy he was able to do the math and create E=MC2 (or squared).

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