Monday, November 5, 2018

I hiked up to the rain gauge from Bunny Flats towards Horse Camp today

I hadn't done this in awhile. In 1985 I put my father's ashes above Horse Camp because he loved it up there. He had wanted his ashes put on his land but Mom had to sell it after he passed away so I'm glad where I put his ashes I can still visit them. But, I was much younger then, 37 in 1985 and now I'm 70 and it is really hard for me to hike up to visit where I put my father's ashes. So, when my mother passed away in 2008 we put her ashes near Lover's Point near where john Denver Crashed his experimental plane because she liked John Denver. We rented a yacht about 2 years after her passing and scattered her ashes legally at sea like she wanted and had all our immediate family there too. I had my son who was 34 then scatter the ashes because I started to get a little seasick from the rocking of the yacht. I used to be a sailor with my cousin in southern California when he owned a 22 foot sailboat that slept 6 and we used to sail over to Catalina or up to Malibu from Marina Del Rey where he had his sailboat then. I think it was a Columbia or something which was a very seaworthy vessel when he bought it new in 1968 when I was 20. But by 32 or 33 I started to get seasick on the open sea. But often I just have to erp up once and I'm okay into the ocean. It's those 3 to 5 foot rollers or larger that seem to get me now.

A friend brought his adjustable walking sticks which I thought was a nice touch which I found was helpful to my knees descending the big rocky sometimes steep trail too. It's good so you don't turn your ankle on one of the bigger rocks coming downhill too. So, that was nice. I have a pair of poles, one set for walking and one set for skiing Mountaineer style at home but I was preparing more for Portland this trip. If I was skiing on Mt. Shasta likely I would have brought both sets of poles, my skis and my snowshoes in my 4 wheel drive Tundra which basically can drive through just about anything because of it's low range and high ground clearance. It is a 6 speed overdrive so I can still get 20 miles per gallon because I bought the smaller V8 which is very economical in overdrive on the freeways. You can shift if you are in S instead of D through all the gears (6) in any range (2, 4h or 4L) if you need to which is really great too. It has a plus and minus on your shifter so it is great in remote places too at extremely slow speeds in 4 wheel driving situations any time of year. And it's ride on the freeway is like a big heavy luxury car with good suspension so you aren't jostled around like some trucks when they upset your stomach and intestines during a long drive. So, if you are an older driver like me you are still comfortable on the freeway driving in one. It also handles really well at higher speeds and winds don't usually bother it either. Great Truck!

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