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Memories: Chapter 18: The 2nd Timeline of New Deva

I thought it might be important to go back to the very moments when the 2nd timeline of New Deva Began:

This is a quote from:

One day Arcane decided to take his family to New Deva to meet his parents and his younger self. He couldn't really tell young Arcane about who he was really but his wife Celeste knew. It was hard to know what to tell his children about young Arcane though.

Darcy and Star were about 10 or 12 then and when they first went to New Deva Celeste wanted her to meet Prophetess and her sister Ah Ray IN. Now Strangely enough all three are the same soul in 3 different bodies. So, when Arcane introduced Celeste to Ah Ray In she said, "Sister! It's good to see you, Sister Soul!"

Again when Prophetess her younger sister met Celeste she too knew who Celeste was which was very eerie for Celeste in many ways.


I realized this just creates too many time paradoxes to write of it this way. either there are multiple time lines here or not just one timeline for this all to work. But, of course this kind of thing happens all the time around us all the time because we live on Timeline 2 for example, here on earth and there are at least 3 timelines of Earth right now and I hear that there will be at least 5 within the next 100 to 500 years for earth. The reason this is done is at least one of the time lines can survive any time anomaly or any kind of attack from within or outside of the planet.

But then again Arcane is used to dealing with anomalies of all kinds and correcting them anyway necessary. So, maybe this is the best way to approach all this.

For example, why did Arcane take Celeste back in time on New Deva when he was a boy to meet Prophetess and Ah Ray In? He already knows that Ah Ray IN dies a martyr's death and he rescues her soul to Earth and takes her soul to Meridian to heal her on earth.

He knows that she reincarnates on a planet that doesn't allow religions because she found it difficult to answer people's prayers on New Deva because she was a martyred saint there. So, eventually she called in angels to help her. But, finally realized she didn't want to buy into all this and reincarnated on a non-religious planet where she could still have spiritual gifts but also could define reality separate from any religion as well in any direction she wanted to.

So, what does this all mean? is he going to let Ah Ray In be tortured to death still? Likely yes. Simply because his planet's safety ongoing depends upon both the death of Ah Ray In and his having to leave the planet and become a member of the Galactic Time Guard because her death and his sacrifice as well saved their planet, New Deva.

end note:

Having 3 timelines by the way means in a way that there are 3 separate earths right now. So, theoretically according to Time Law Formulated by the Galactic Time Guard, 2 timelines could fail and earth could be blown up on those two timelines and still the last timeline would still exist and so would earth on that timeline. So, in this sense having multiple timelines insures the survival of the human race on earth on at least 1 timeline. And then if earth continued to exist it then could theoretically have 3 to 5 new timelines ongoing and so on and so on. This is basic Time theory from a Galactic perspective. This is why having multiple timelines on a wilder planet like Earth often becomes necessary at some point or points to prevent extinction of the planet and life wave presently occupying it.

I just realized I needed to demonstrate "infinite Time Lines" because Arcane is both a scientific and Artistic Master of this in his work for the Galactic Time Guard.

There is a reason he is considered a Galactic Saint and Called Saint Germain by many. It is because he unfailingly seems to make the right choices much like Buddha and Jesus did too.
One of his many incarnations also was as Saint Francis of Asisi, founder of the Franciscan brotherhood as well.

So, this will seem illogical but will demonstrate what he is good at.

Note: I"m repeating a section from above so it is less confusing for you as a reader next:
"One day Arcane decided to take his family to New Deva to meet his parents and his younger self. He couldn't really tell young Arcane about who he was really but his wife Celeste knew. It was hard to know what to tell his children about young Arcane though.

Darcy and Star were about 10 or 12 then and when they first went to New Deva Celeste wanted her to meet Prophetess and her sister Ah Ray IN. Now Strangely enough all three are the same soul in 3 different bodies. So, when Arcane introduced Celeste to Ah Ray In she said, "Sister! It's good to see you, Sister Soul!" By the way Darcy and Star were at their grandparents when this meeting happened otherwise Arcane wouldn't have done any of this.

Again when Prophetess her younger sister met Celeste she too knew who Celeste was which was very eerie for Celeste in many ways."

Ah Ray IN said to Arcane: "Why aren't we married in the future since you are betrothed to me?"

Arcane: "As you can see she is a future incarnation of you. Unfortunately you don't survive for us to marry in this present form Ah Ray In".

Ah Ray In Turned ashen and walked away. Prophetess slapped Arcane for hurting her sister in this way and said, "Why did you do that? Why did you reveal a horrific future for her?"

Arcane: "So she could do something else if she wanted to including marrying me at some point. This way she won't go to Isfahel on a diplomatic mission and be tortured to death!"

Prophetess fainted from this information. Now Celeste Slapped Arcane. "What's the matter with you?"

Arcane looked at Celeste after having been slapped by both Celeste and Prophetess. She fell to her knees and cried at this point thinking Arcane was a horrible person!

Arcane bent to his knees after seeing to Prophetess and taking off his jacket to put under her head until she woke up. Now he took care of Celeste who was completely horrified by this situation.

Celeste said, "You are a terrible person to do this! What can be gained by all this?"

Arcane said, "I had to speak the truth to Ah Ray IN. It is required of New Devan Culture. To do less would be a sacrilege. She knew that. That's why she didn't slap me. Prophetess slapped me because I didn't do this with Ah Ray IN alone. But, I had to reply in truth to my betrothed at the present age she is. I owe it to her according to New Devan Cultural norms. Ah Ray IN understood this and walked away.

Celeste: "Oh. I get it now! You are preventing her death by torture? But where does that leave us?

Arcane: "ON  my past timeline Ah Ray IN died. ON my timeline she will stay dead. But I just created a whole new timeline! New Deva now has two timelines. Ah Ray IN understood this when I said it to her and it blew her mind that I would make such a sacrifice for her!"

Celeste: "What does that mean?"

Arcane: "It means she won't die but I still have to leave New Deva! That's what it means. And it means that the present Arcane is on a different timeline than I am on, so if she marries this Arcane it is not me but a duplicate me and that she and he will have to live somewhere else than New Deva."

ON my timeline Ah Ray IN already died and I'm married to you. But on this 2nd New Deva timeline that I just created I'm responsible for making sure New Deva stays free."

Celeste: "What about Tech Noir?"

Arcane: "I'm not sure. Either I prevent his birth entirely so he doesn't kill millions on his planet of Isfahel, OR I remove his soul from his body when I did before. But, I have to do one or the other to protect New Deva."

Celeste: "And the Galactic Time Guard will allow this?"

Arcane: "I'm a Galactically recognized Saint and with that status I'm given (at least for now) Carte Blanche regarding both New Deva and Earth time lines.

Celeste: Doesn't "His Oneness" of Earth have something to say about this on earth?"

Arcane: "Of Course"

end quote.

So, the actual 2nd Timeline begins when: "Ah Ray IN said to Arcane: "Why aren't we married in the future since you are betrothed to me?"

Arcane: "As you can see she is a future incarnation of you. Unfortunately you don't survive for us to marry in this present form Ah Ray In".
end quote.

So, from this moment on the 2nd timeline of New Deva Begins. Sure Old Arcane has to clean stuff up a lot and make Tech Noir exit his body (more than once) (which also creates by accident timelines 3 and 4 by the way. But, never the less, the 2nd timeline begins the moment Ah Ray In knows her future on the 1st timeline and realizes she will not repeat it by whatever means necessary.

Another example in real life is when President George Bush began the 2nd timeline of Earth by reading "My Pet Goat" to the children instead of getting upset on the air (TV and radio) which accidentally  caused 5 billion people to die within 24 hours on the first timeline.

So, being calm (or the opposite of Trump) is what prevented human extinction in that particular moment so a 2nd timeline for earth could begin which we are all on now.

IF Trump stays president will the human race go extinct while he is president? I'd say it's a 50 50 gamble at this point from the perspective of an intuitive.

My thought is that many Christians want the world to end because they are so miserable they don't want to be alive anymore. So, this is their real reason for voting for Trump. Apocalypse.

But, to be more realistic about all this: "How do you know that Trump hasn't already nuked the whole world out of existence 5 or 10 times already?"

And Why would the Galaxy allow this to happen? And would this have anything to do with Earth Being a Galaxy Time Planet?

If you work for the U.S. government or the United Nations or any government on earth it might be important to find out the answer to some or all of these questions as soon as possible.

Am I pulling your leg or am I serious?

"Turn the Earth to sand and still commit no crime"

But then, that goes back to "There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so!"

Only the most advanced Seers and thinkers on earth would be able to solve any of this puzzle. But, it's also because of this that Earth is where it is in it's present Galactic Status.

His Oneness of Earth, Old Arcane, The Oracle and Arcane Oneness try out the new Time Pool for New Deva.

As the 4 of them gathered in the building now built around the new New Deva Time Pool His Oneness of Earth stood nearest the pool. He said, "I want all of you to begin to understand just how important a Time Pool is for managing time. But, first we have to calibrate it to be effective to look into the future. And we do this by calibrating the past several thousand years here on New Deva on the 1st timeline. The 2nd timeline began within these last weeks since Old Arcane returned. So, the Only way really to effectively calibrate a Time Pool under these conditions is to visit the past at various points.  "Oracle. Do you have the histories of all the Oracles previous to you?"

Oracle: "Oh Yes! That is something we do have. We even have historical videos simply because we had to come here by spaceships and video technology was invented before we came here." The Oracle smiled to be useful to this calibration.

His Oneness: "Then that's great! We have somewhere to start. But, maybe a better way to begin to calibrate might be to show me documented situations where criminals came to New Deva because they would affect timelines too."

Old Arcane: "How about the first person called Arcane who rode the Water Dragon who died saving us?"

Arcane Oneness spoke up. "Yes. I agree. That is so far back that it might be a good place to start. Without him there wouldn't be the New Deva we all enjoy and love today.

In a moment they all climbed into Earth Oneness' blue sphere and they were watching the first Arcane fight off the intruders from another world. They sat and watched the whole thing play out. His Oneness had some kind of recording device that was unusual.

Arcane Oneness asked about what it was.

Earth Oneness said, "Oh. I use it for generating a base point for accuracy. So, when time waves generate from anomalies I have a base point to refer to. I'm going to leave this here in another dimension observing everything and go forward about 1 million years with all of you in the Blue Sphere.

So, a moment later they were with the Time Pool in the building just built next to the Oracles place.

This time they all sat down because His Oneness of Earth advised this. And he said, "The Base point dimensional object I placed at the time of the first Arcane should now give us accurate feeds from that point up until now.

However, as they watched the Time Pool His Oneness began setting markers but the rest didn't know what the markers were. His Oneness of Earth held up his hand for silence as he concentrated.

He was looking really worried as he set all these markers. Then at last he was finished. He answered the question finally in the room with a very worried look on his face. "This is much much worse than I suspected. I have counted 30,000 plus timelines we didn't know about that spring off from the 1st New Deva Timeline. This would have been thought impossible a few weeks ago. But now, we know it's different than that.

I have to go report this to the Galactic Sentience: "Whoops he's here! Everyone cover your eyes!"

4 pairs of Deep sunglasses to protect them from the countenance of a literal God fell at everyone's feet. The picked them up and put them on to the best of their abilities.

Galactic Sentience: "30,000! You did say over 30,000 new timelines?"

Earth Oneness: "Yes. Your Holiness."

Galactic Sentience: "We must bring the Galactic Time Guard here now we have this much evidence. I hope enough of them are free to put at least one agent on each of the timelines we have found."

Earth Oneness: "Yes. Me too."

Galactic Sentience: "The 30,000 plus Galactic Time Guard agents are outside the time pool Building. I want to speak to them. Clear a permeter so no one goes blind Earth Oneness!"

Immediately Earth Oneness cleared the area so 30,000 agents of the Galactic time guard (or more could be there safely and so no one else could hear what the Galactic Sentience was going to say on the planet New Deva.

They all went outside and there were people all around dressed for operations. There were humanoids and other types of beings too from the whole galaxy. Most had never been to Earth or New Deva Before so they had various kinds of Space Suits on.

The Galactic Sentience spoke: "We are in an emergency mode now to protect the Galaxy!"

"His Oneness of Earth just found well over 30,000 undiscovered timelines springing various places from this New Deva Timeline. We wouldn't have thought it possible a few weeks ago but we just learned from the Time Tree Arborists in the Andromeda Galaxy that 12 planets including this one can potentially have unlimited timelines. Therefore, in looking into the first New Deva Timeline we found over 30,000 timelines. This has now become a fully emergency situation for the whole Galaxy. I cannot impress upon you how serious this is for the survival of the galaxy that you accurately figure out what is going on here."

"I want you to file up here one at a time and observe the timeline you are going to be visiting. Do we even have coordinates yet?"

His Oneness of Earth: "I'm having the computer generate designations for each timeline even as we are speaking your holiness."

Galactic Sentience: "So, for now let's just file up here one by one to the time pool and receive the designation of the timeline you are going to visit. I know this is time consuming but we just found out about all this right now as we speak. This was just deemed an emergency a few minutes ago now."

Galactic Sentience: "I need you to find out who generated the timeline you will be researching. If you find out who or what generated this timeline immediately come to visit me."

The Oracle spoke up: "I'm guessing it is Tech Noir or one of his many slaves."

Galactic Sentience: "This is not good. Why would you think this, Oracle."

Oracle: "The Oracles have long suspected that Tech Noir was involved somehow in the water being greater than normal, Sir."

Galactic Sentience: "So, why wasn't I told about this?"

Oracle looked like he was going to cry.

We didn't want our Timeline ended and us all dying.

Galactic Sentience:"I understand. There was no way to know it was anything this serious. Even I wouldn't have thought it could come to this."

The Oracle realized he would be spared for the day. Telepathically, the Galactic Sentience said, "You will be spared along with your timeline for now, you are all too valuable for the galaxy to let go of. However, we don't know what the future will bring. Even I don't know."

The Oracle shivered at the thought of his whole timeline having to be ended because of any of this.

Telepathically, he asked: "If my timeline ended would all these 30,000 plus timelines end too?

Galactic Sentience: "It is presently an unknown." The Galactic Sentience thought about this more but realized even ending New Deva was just too dangerous because "What if he turned New Deva into a Time Shard and it turned out there was no way to reach these 30,000 plus timelines EXCEPT through this New Deva Timeline? That could be the worst disaster of all.

So, one by one the present members of the Galactic Time Guard of all species in the Galaxy intelligent enough and wise enough for this job and each then immediately disappeared into the Time pool (since the Time Pool is a microcosm of the macrocosm of local timelines resident on the present planet they were on.

Isn't this dangerous to send beings into just discovered timelines? Maybe, but it was also quite possible that the Galaxy itself might not survive soon unless this was done.

One by one they returned from their designated Timelines and said, "Tech Noir".

which was exactly what the Oracle and everyone else present had been afraid of who was in the full knowledge of what was going on here.

One of the more efficient Galactic Time Guards said, "I think he is resident on this timeline and from what I'm learning from other Galactic Time Guards he is resident on every other timeline as well."

Galactic Sentience: "So, he has a copy of himself on each and every timeline?"

Efficient Time Guard: "It appears to be true so far."

Galactic Sentience: "This isn't good. Guards. We need to trace back to the time when Tech Noir created all these time lines and stop him from creating these time lines. That won't stop the time lines themselves but at least it will prevent it from happening and completing the circle.

Officers strategized how this could most efficiently be done among the higher echelons of officers present of the Galactic Time Guard present on New Deva next to the Time Pool building.

The main General present asked the Galactic Sentience to approve their plan.

The Galactic Sentience Said: "I give you Carte Blanch to act as you wish."

The Time Guard General: "But Sir, if we eliminate Tech Noir when he did this it will leave many loose ends and generally tear up all timelines and there will be waves like we have never seen that will move across the galaxy. Remember when Earth Oneness had to create Shamballa to save Lemurians?

Galactic Sentience: "Yes."

The Time Guard General: "Well. That Time wave from another Galaxy was created by what you are recommending here today. We cannot simply unmake that many timelines at once without killing most beings in this and most other Galaxies. However, SIR, if it must be done we will do it."

The Galactic Sentience Recoiled and was very very upset at this news.

He said, "What would you recommend, General?"

The Time Guard General: "Let me confer with officers here and with headquarters, Sir, so we can give you several potential options and the damage each option would create in this galaxy and others.

The Galactic Sentience: "Is there not one option that doesn't kill any technologically advanced beings?"

The Time Guard General: "Of course, Your Holiness. Do you want non-violent options too?"

The Galactic Sentience: "In this case as many options as possible should be considered to prevent loss of life, for now in this galaxy and all surrounding galaxies."

He was amazed that this was how earth's civilization was also destroyed during Lemuria when another galaxy did something like this.

As the Galactic Time Guard operatives came back, the Galactic Sentience spoke with the Galactic Time Guard General and said, "Is it assumed thus far that we have over 30,000 or more Tech Noirs, one with each timeline?"

General: "Yes. And it's beyond that, Your Holiness. He is basically for all intents and purposes immortal in that he either renews himself ongoing throughout the timeline, or he has copies of himself so if one dies another wakes up and is in charge with the memories of the one that just passed on. So, his rulership of all planets (Earth Based Planets) is absolute in all timelines.

Galactic Sentience: "So, even though Old Arcane has taken him out on several timelines of New Deva, he still remains on 30,000 plus timelines?

General: "Yes."

Galactic Sentience: "How about we terminate him at the beginning of all timelines and see what happens?"

General: "That still doesn't stop the histories of the ones that have already existed a long time."

Galactic Sentience: "Well. At least the timelines we remove him from won't have his influence."

"What if we eliminate the timelines completely that have had him alive all that time as time shards?"

General: "That could also be done. At what point should we end those timelines?"

Galactic Sentience: "I want to see what the timelines do without Tech Noir resident first. Show me what 1 million years without Tech Noir resident do first."

General: "Done." The General ordered his officers to take out Tech Noir and all his copies on every timeline that they could and let the people figure it out for themselves after that. Then results of 1 million years later were brought to the Galactic Sentience.

Galactic Sentience: After looking over the historic results of these timelines without Tech Noir in any form he said, "Yes. I want the timelines with Tech Noir on board eliminated now."

So, 30,000 plus timelines that Tech Noir lived in in some form were eliminated and the rest saved.

Galactic Sentience: "Now I need studies of all the Non-Tech Noir resident timelines to see how they affect each other and the galaxy in all these timelines."

General: "Done."

The General ordered the studies be completed. The next moment the results of the studies were brought to the Galactic Sentience after centuries of research had been conducted by Galactic Time Guard groups.

The Galactic Sentience went over these studies and then made decisions as to which timelines would be kept and which would be done away with for a variety of reasons.

Note: to understand how eliminating all the timelines where Tech Noir was present there is more to it than it at first seems. Here's the thing: when you eliminate Tech Noir from the beginning of ANY new timeline that creates a new timeline without Tech Noir present. But, the ones where he was resident over 1million years still exist. So, The Galactic Sentience ordered the timeline where Tech Noir was present 1 million years ended. So, they would be ended in sequences because otherwise you create a time storm that will kill most life in the galaxy that does this and most life in other galaxies as well. This is what happened to Lemuria 40,000 to 70,000 years ago (I am purposely being vague because this really happened on Earth).

So, once Tech Noir is removed the people are allowed to go on without him even though they will be observed ongoing by the Galactic Time Guard for anything that might harm or destroy the galaxy in any way shape or form.

So, now you have over 30,000 timelines without Tech Noir present allowed to go forward but also the first version exists of over 1 million years where Tech Noir in thousands of immortal forms was allowed to rule. All the timelines he ruled over had to be destroyed because each of those timeline was a criminal venture as far as the galaxy was concerned and illegal. But, those that did not contain Tech Noir could theoretically be free to go their way as long as that way didn't harm the galaxy or it's survival. end note.

So, all the Tech Noir time lines in order to prevent what happened to Lemuria when most people died form the Time Storm who hadn't moved to Shamballa in another dimension that HIs Oneness of Earth Created around Earth died pretty much including HIs Oneness's beloved and her family in Lemuria on earth.

To prevent this Mass Death of most life in the Galaxy the Galactic Time Guard would do something like end each of the 30,000 plus timelines at 100 year increments to prevent major losses of life outside those timelines. (Would anyone be saved from those timelines eliminated?) It depends upon many different factors.)

To eliminate 30,000 timelines at once would likely kill all life in the Galaxy in one fell swoop that wasn't in a non-physical dimension. What would kill them? Massive Time waves which would alter all time and space in this galaxy and all surrounding ones.

Would most life in surrounding galaxies be killed too. Yes.

This is what the Time Guard General was trying to explain to The Galactic Sentience. So, he would know the full consequences of eliminating instantaneously 30,000 plus timelines all at once.

But, each of the 30,000 timelines has a 2nd timeline that was created the moment Tech Noir and all copies was removed. So, we now have a 2nd timeline in existence for 30,000 plus timelines also now in existence ongoing.

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