Saturday, November 3, 2018

Wages rising is good for individuals but bad for Inflation rising

Wages help individuals. But, the higher wages create changes in the economy. These changes cause inflation when almost all new employees are being paid more upon their hiring. This is an employee's market by the way. But, what happens next tends to cause inflation, and inflation causes the Fed to raise interest rates. When interest rates raise this is good for retired people or people living on fixed incomes but bad for younger home buyers and businesses borrowing money.

So, we just moved from an economy that was biased towards businesses and against employees.

We just moved to an economy that is biased against businesses and for employees. But, this state cannot last very long before this state tends to turn into a recession or depression: (depending upon how bad Trump has screwed things up worldwide so far).

The Trade War is the single scariest and most counter productive thing that Trump has done so far. It ONLY benefits the upper 1% of the world by stealing the wealth of everyone else in the process which is why Trump did this actually.

Since Trump could really care less whether anyone but the 1% like him survive at all, he has done this. It is a very very cynical reasoning and fatal to millions in the U.S. and around the world, especially in the U.S. and China. But, it also affects to a greater or lesser degree all countries on earth in various ways.

This is why I presently believe we will soon (within 2 years) have either another Great Recession or a Great Depression much much worse than the last one. It is the chaotic Way Trump does things worldwide and how he is screwing up all peaceful dynamics worldwide that were set up for the world to survive World War II.

By Being a Nationalist, Trump is saying other countries: "Just go die somewhere, we aren't going to help you anymore." And this will create hatred towards the U.S. more than anything else for the next 50 years from what he has done already. So, long after Trump has died people will hate the U.S. and cause us various kinds of harm for the next 50 years because of what he is doing right now.

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