Thursday, November 1, 2018

October has always been a difficult month for me

So, when November 1st arrives I always feel relieved. I think it started when I had to go back to school in Grade School. September was okay because I got to see all the friends I missed during the summer that lived too far away for me to see during the summer vacation. But, by October the grind of school took a toll on me emotionally where I wanted more space from the regime. I loved to learn but hated the grind of school and having to get up early every morning ongoing. So, October was always the hardest month of the year.

I realized yesterday that when I was young because I was clairvoyant then too but untrained when my 5 years older cousin took me to horror movies I couldn't handle it and often couldn't sleep for 1 to 2 months after some horror movies but I wanted to be "grown up". This didn't work for me either because I guess I tuned into the craziness of people in the theater watching horror too much. So, to this day I still refuse to watch most horror movies simply because I find them as a clairvoyant just too disturbing.

However, in my early teens and 20s I found Vampire movies the most educational because they are a bastardization of many supernatural truths. (Not the blood sucking part) but one learns how to steer away from people who "Suck Ectoplasm" from you.

For example, have you noticed you feel drained of energy around some people? Well, often they are sucking your energy and you need to find a way to either get away from them or to put up a force field to protect yourselves from them. Some people are just so bad that staying around them is fatal completely. But, it's not from them sucking your blood, it's from them sucking your energy that you need to live and to prosper and to actually stay alive.

Learning about different types of people and what they do allows you to survive in this world and not be depleted to the point where you are sick and die in your teens or 20s.

Sometimes people fall in love with Energy Vampires like this and don't understand and die young. This especially happens to women traditionally down through the ages when they marry the wrong man and his effect on her is fatal energy wise.

For example, he may or may not be a bad person being an energy vampire like this. He might just not be suited to be married to ANYONE.

Only Men who know how to "Circle Energy" with their wives and children should actually be married. So, love flows in a circle just like the wedding ring on your finger. If it just goes one direction people often die.

So, if you are going to be married learn to circle the energy like the wedding ring does. Otherwise, people often die young (one of the married couple or the children).

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