Friday, November 9, 2018

Reality and Belief

When you are clairvoyant like I am it is not a belief that God and Angels exist because you experience them all the time. It's just reality. Talking about belief is only useful when speaking to non-believers. Because for someone like me it is scientific. When angels tell me something IT IS ALWAYS TRUE! I can "TAKE IT TO THE BANK" so to speak. So, for me, it's not about believing anything anymore than I have to believe the sun is in the sky if there are no clouds out. I just have to walk outside and I see the sun.

So, it would be like someone saying to me: "There is no sun in the sky". And I might say to that person: "Are you blind?" And unfortunately the answer would have to  be "Yes". IF they couldn't see the sun, or see God or See and experience Angels like I do. I'm not interested in living in terror like people who don't live with angels. I'd rather live with angels. So I do.

By God's Grace

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