Thursday, November 8, 2018

We ALL Change the world through everything we do in life

Yes. This is a lot of responsibility. But, if you are adult enough you can carry that weight by the Grace of God.

So, when I blog I ask God and Angels to guide me to help mankind to the best future possible. By doing this I can be writing something and God or angels might say to me, "Nothing good will come from what you are presently writing."

Now, this doesn't mean what I might be writing isn't true and accurate. It means something else. Because life isn't about ultimately what is true it is about what God wants to manifest here on earth.
So, an angel might say, "Don't publish this!" and I listen because Angels all live in the past, present and future and actually know the consequences (big and small) of anything we do).

So, when I listen to them (all the time) I watch how what they say plays out and they are always right.

Other times they will say, "Publish this but revisit it within 24 hours and see if this had a useful positive reaction around the world." And I will do this knowing I will be shown if what I wrote is accepted in the vein I wrote it in. and sometimes then I will delete an article if the effect upon mankind isn't useful to God in some way.

So, in the end it is not whether what you are writing is true that is the point. What IS the point is what God is manifesting here on earth to make this a better place to live for all beings, now and into the future!

by God's Grace

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