Thursday, November 1, 2018

What's Wrong with how Trump conducts Business? It bankrupts the lower 99% of people on earth

I equate Trump to a used car salesman selling a car to people that they don't want and don't need. The gullible will buy this car that they don't want and don't need and will vote for it even though it bankrupts them in the long run.


Because they are desperate and not looking at the details of what he is selling because most of them might not be critical thinkers because they didn't go to college to learn this skill.

And because Trump (like his father) sounds like someone they met in a bar somewhere, they might believe him and trust him, even though he is a well known charlatan like Hitler.

However, the richest  1% of people on earth who might also want the lower 99% to drop dead and starve might agree with Trump (or if they are compassionate and kind people they might realize Trump is the extinction of life on earth).

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