Monday, November 5, 2018

Without Critical Thinking our Democracy cannot survive

When Voting first began in the U.S. you had to be a land owner to be able to vote. I guess they figured if you had found a way to own land that you were sophisticated enough to be able to vote for someone intelligent. You couldn't rent then and vote at first.

This has changed over time so any adult who hasn't been in jail can vote. (There are some exceptions to this rule I believe too). But, what I'm watching is the importance of critical thinking where you can ascertain when someone is lying to you.

This is important to the survival of our democracy. People of both parties lie some so you need to be ferreting out when someone is lying. Learning how to do this is a skill that more people need to understand and to do enough research so they aren't swindled at the polls.

You don't want to be swindled at the polls just like you don't want to be swindled by a used car salesman selling you a car or truck you don't want and don't need.

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