Monday, November 5, 2018

There are NO polling places in Oregon

I found this out from my son who lives there now. You have to register to vote and then vote by mail. I have voted absentee ballot for around 10 years now in California along with my wife because we are somewhat retired and aren't always where our main residence is because of that on Election days or primaries. I think Oregon does this because so many people live remote in the state and the state only has 4 million people in it compared to about 40 million in California which is the 5th biggest economy all by itself presently  on earth.

Note: for a state of only 4 million people approximately compared to California's 40 million people this is an advantage. Another advantage is you don't have computer voting machines that are easy for people like Putin's henchmen to mess with (or Trump's people to mess with either). You always have paper ballots so as long as they exist they can be double checked, which isn't true of electronic ballots which can easily be faked either direction by people who are techies in any state.

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