Monday, March 19, 2012

College Payoff

They say today that kids cannot afford to not go to college and on the other hand many cannot afford to go in the first place. However, when you look at the life earnings of a college graduate it is

1.4 million dollars compared to
770 thousand for a typical high school graduate

The unemployment rate right now for a college graduate nationwide is:
But the unemployment rate for a high school graduate is:
8.3% which is the national average right now.

So, there is a payoff for going to college if you can financially afford it. However, if you are one of 4.2% of college graduates presently unemployed who cannot afford to pay off their student loans you also might be bankrupt. So, what you major in in college might be very important if you want to get a job to be able to pay off your student loans without going bankrupt. (Unless you have rich parents who will pay off your loans for you).

Source is CNN TV at 9:24 am PT on March 19th 2012
Since I have a TIVO elite I can DVR what I watch and pause it to retain the facts.

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