Friday, March 30, 2012

$5.99 a Gallon for Premium

No. This is not a joke price but a real one. Yes. The gas station is remote in Big Sur on the California Coast. But when I asked how much Premium was since it wasn't displayed anywhere around the Shell Station he said, "$5.99" a Gallon.  I wrote several articles about the world problem of oil with so many new millions buying cars in China, India and Brazil, especially but here is another article I wrote about Environmental factors that tend to degrade quality of life just like oil prices too high can:
12 environmental problems facing mankind today
The single most relevant problem in the above article is overpopulation and the unsustainable demand that causes to the whole environment of earth.

In February 2012 I wrote the following article:
$3.95 a Gallon for Regular in Northern California

However, yesterday it wasn't $3.95 a gallon for regular. The cheapest Regular I could find is now $4.27 a gallon. And a few weeks ago when I went to Los Angeles and Orange Counties in Southern California the cheapest gas was between $4.25 and $4.50 a Gallon for regular then in late February or early March.

Here is another article on why "Everything costs more":Peak Everything-Why everything costs more

Here are two more articles regarding Oil:
Here are two more articles regarding surviving with no oil, too expensive oil or unavailable oil.
The end of oil will come quicker the more people on earth who are using it up. It is really in the end not about price, it is about availability. If you can't get oil at any price the whole question of oil becomes redundant. And at that point all vehicles who run on Gas or diesel will have to run on something else or not run at all.

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