Friday, March 16, 2012

Travels in Oregon

My daughter and her boyfriend are staying with friends around my age who are spiritually into a lot of the same Ideas. So, since the way my daughter talked about all this I thought it all was too good to be true. And if you have lived as long as I have you know right off that things that are too good to be true usually are. So, I was a little worried for my daughter. But, it all seems to be perfect for my daughter and her boyfriend as they are sort of creating their own spiritual gathering center that embodies what they all have come to believe in.

I was talking to the lady who is about my age (early 60s) and we were talking about healing. I was sharing that I usually like healing (if and when God manifests this  with me and through me) that I prefer to heal at a distance or just by looking at someone. I said that the way it works is something I learned when God allowed me to start soul traveling in my late teens and early 20s. I learned over about 10 years that Time and space are not ultimately real. I wouldn't have believed that unless I had experienced the truth of it soul traveling all over our galaxy. But since time and space are not ultimately real I found out that all life in the universe is just one Being that some people call God. So, literally we all are a part of God (if that is the way you want to view it). So, if someone needs healing and enough of God agrees then the healing naturally occurs. So, since I understand this principle if enough of God agrees someone should be healed then they are. When I learned to soul travel I didn't realize that this was "Angel Work" and so my experiences with Archangel Michael and his band of Archangels from age 2 likely led me to want to soul travel like Angels and Archangels do. So, when God finally granted me permission in my late teens and early 20s to consciously soul travel I have always understood it was "God's Work and the Work of his Angels that I was aspiring to and joining". 
 So, this lady being very intuitively gifted like me wanted me to heal her. So, we laughed about this because for me all this works much differently than she was expecting. So, when she asked me to heal her I knew God would but only in HIS time not hers. So, when she asked in my presence I could already sense she would be healed. I just didn't know when. Usually it is within a month to 6 months for a holistic healing of mind, body and soul. It usually starts inside the soul and balances feelings of lack and limitation and heals any feelings of separateness from God. Then this sense of well being starts to spread out in all ways throughout the individual and then in this holistic balance their own spiritual gifts start manifesting and their own relationship and clarity of experience with God increases. This is what usually happens. I have watched this especially in places like India and also I felt this same thing at 160 Rue du Bac in Paris where the non-decomposing body of Saint Catherine lies. When I walked into the Catholic church angels ran up to me to tell me how to behave in this sacred place. I was very surprised. I also wear a Saint Catherine Miraculous Medal. It has brought me miracles of Good fortune as well as miracles of good fortune to thousands of others since I first put it on before my wedding in 1995 in the Chapel in Yosemite National Park in California. My wife has worn one since then too.

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