Friday, March 9, 2012


For several years I never looked at my site stats because I was doing what felt right in my heart about the whole thing. So, people's reactions to what I wrote was less important than trying to do something good for people and for myself as a gift for free to everyone. However, about 6 months ago now I looked at my Stats page and started to notice just how many people around the world like what I'm putting at my blog. So, for example, this is the all time most hits since fall 2007 since I started this site.

Next, these are the most hits in the last month:

So, after looking at all this about 6 months ago now for the first time, I changed my article style to try to give my audience more of what they seem to like. However, since I'm not getting paid for this I have noticed that I don't have the same level of enthusiasm doing this. So, I realize that I have to be really interested in what I'm doing for it to make it interesting for you the reader. Just like a performer has to really love the songs he or she is singing likely because he or she wrote them to make the audience really love their music. So, I'm realizing that I need to really love what I'm doing in order for it to be interesting for you to want to read what I compile and write and comment upon. So, even though the dynamic of looking at my stats (hit statistics for my blog site) changed the way I view my site, what I wanted to share here hasn't really changed for me. Though I often am surprised by what readers are interested in, Mostly I'm just pleased so many people seem to be interested in so many of the things that interest me too.

Also, since I'm semi retired I have the time to go find some really neat stuff and it pleases me if you like the same stuff I do that you might not have time to go find yourselves because you are a student or working really hard. So, by my finding stuff for you that is interesting, I feel I'm helping you in your lives. So that is a good thing for all of us.

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