Saturday, March 31, 2012

Support Your Local Private Schools

When I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, it was okay to get As in grade school so I did. But in junior high and High School (public School) if you got good grades you might be jeopardizing your life. Because the popular kids who usually never went to college and whose best time in life was going to be public high school would beat kids who got good grades up or put them into trash cans and roll them down the hill. So, if you wanted to be a straight A student it was sure to be painful unless you were also captain of the Football team and sometimes even then kids might gang up on you and beat you up for getting better grades than they were capable of.

So, even though I could have done better in Junior High and my first year of public high school I settled for C's, B's and even a couple of D's (like in Chemistry). Also, I cut school some to go surfing in my surf wagon with friends because my Mom would always write me notes because she didn't want me to get any black marks that might interfere with college.

In the beginning of my senior year I wanted to drop out of High School and get a job. However, my parents wanted to send me to Santa Fe, New Mexico to a church school connected to a church we attended then. So that is what I did instead of dropping out of school. At the church school I was the biggest and the strongest in school. I got straight A's because there was nothing and no one that I had to fight and I had a really great time there that I have never forgotten. The next year I went to college. So, going away to a private school was one of the best things I ever did as a young person.

Now I'm 63 and my daughter goes to the best private school in the county. 40% of the people in her School are National Merit Scholars. At a fund raising event I attended at a Country club the seniors singing and sharing were going to Princeton and Stanford next year. This is the second private school fundraiser (two different schools in my county) that I have attended in the past year. Private Schools make the leaders of tomorrow! Great teachers and 4 hours of homework a night from 8th grade on with great motivated teachers and students creates 40% National Merit Scholars in a school. No one gets beat up at most private schools because it isn't allowed if you want to be a student there. Somebody gets beat up and you are no longer a student at that school ever. Success and how far you can go in life has no limit! Support your local private School where kids have a future!

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