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The Galactics

We are all potential Galactics. It is sort of like growing up and something you aspire to be. First, you have to be aware that there is such a thing to aspire to. That is why I'm writing this so you know that such a thing exists.

In some ways my first experiences with all this I'm still trying to fully make sense of even though they happened around 1969 and 1970. I didn't know quite what to make of these experiences then. Besides, like many young people I didn't expect to live past 25 then either. So, I was very surprised to be 26 and then 30 and then 40, 50 and now all the way to 63. It doesn't seem possible somehow. And yet, I guess if you don't die and take good enough care of yourself and everyone else around you this is just what happens. Also, generally I find myself to be much younger in mind, body and spirit than others who reached 40, 50 or 60 in the past when I was young. People were all just sort of "used up" by 40 mostly when I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. Most people didn't have all their teeth or even any teeth at all by age 40 or 50 then. So whole plates of false teeth were very common then. Whereas I have lost only one adult tooth beyond my wisdom teeth and even that was a sort of fluke, a 4% medical possibility. So, we all are going to live longer and longer it appears if we know enough how to eat and to think and to live our lives in a good way worldwide. So, I won't be surprised if I reach 100 or 200 and I also won't be surprised if I'm gone tomorrow. This peace of knowing that every moment past 40 is gravy and extra credit and above normal gives me peace. In 1900 only 1 person in 12 in the U.S lived to be 60 whereas now 54% of those who lived to be 21 my age are still alive now, which is quite a difference.

 note: When I re-researched the quote above for 1900 it was actually that only 1 person in 25 lived to be 60 in 1900 which is an even scarier quote than the one I remembered.

So, telling you this is my experience and not really science fiction may be strange for some of you. But if you have known Seers or intuitives, or medicine men or some monks or Tibetan Lamas or others then you know these kinds of experiences are ones gifted people often have around the world and have been relatively normal for individuals who are "Gifted" for thousands of years. Often people who have experiences like mine can see the future enough to  save their people from calamities as well.

I'm sharing with you these experiences so others of you can become Galactics too. First of all, imagine beings who created this Galaxy. To them we might as well be ants or bees at most. We would be part of the quaintness of earth to many civilizations throughout this galaxy and others. Earth is a pretty beautiful place after all. If you have seen much of it like I have I'm sure you would agree with all the amazing peoples and places here on earth. Well, the galaxy is like this too, and other galaxies as well.

I have found there is just so much out there that the hard thing is to find things relevant to do out there.  Millions of suns with at least one planet per sun in our galaxy. Where does one start?

I started out with a longing to travel the Galaxy with God. So, I believed I had to find God first. I read a book called, "Divine Romance" by Marie Corelli which was Queen Victoria's favorite author and I found I liked the idea of a civilization in the center of the Galaxy. So, I decided to go find God in the center of the Galaxy through soul travel. "What?" you might say to me. But this was me and I was born intuitively gifted and I found it was painful to be as intuitively gifted as I and I didn't think I could walk around this gifted and want to stay alive anymore unless I could find God and hang out with him. So, I wanted to soul travel to the Center of the Galaxy and find God so I wouldn't feel like I needed to commit suicide. But this was me around 18 to 23 years of age and not now.

So, when I was allowed to start consciously soul traveling by God, after I got bored with soul traveling by bi-location around earth (I found Astral Projection too dangerous because when you left some other spirit might take over your body and then you might have to fight them for your body). So, I found bi-location or being 2 or more places at the same time more useful for me. Some people call this sort of thing remote viewing like watching TV about another location on earth. This wasn't how I did it. I would project a whole soul body so beings could see me other places and so I could talk to other beings other places than earth where such things are more possible than here and usually safer than here to do. Also, I started praying to God to allow me to learn to soul travel so I could be with him just like the Archangels that came to me and saved my life when I had whooping cough at age 2. After they came I didn't die and Archangel Michael was always there protecting me from danger and death. As I grew older I lost the pure sight of children and babies but I still see and feel Archangel Michael as an adult sized oval of Blue light or as flashes of blue light whenever he is there trying to communicate with me about something.

So, when I first went off planet I think I went up to the moon and just sat up there looking back at earth just to know that I could do that. Then I came back to earth and went to sleep. A few days or a week later once I realized fully throughout my body and soul that I could actually soul travel beyond earth I went to Venus and talked to people who live their in soul bodies. They don't have physical bodies because it is 600 to 900 degrees there. But they have soul bodies because they used to live there before it got so hot and people whose souls are attached to Venus are still there. The ones who decided not to leave and incarnate elsewhere. I asked them about wanting to go meet God in the Center of the Galaxy. They said, "Go into the sun and they will send you into the center of the Galaxy." I said, "Won't I burn up in the sun?" They said, "NO. You are in a soul body like us and just like we don't burn up on Venus, you won't burn up in the sun." So, I trusted what they said and went into the sun. When I went into the sun my perceptions changed and I wondered about that. I was in a fiery castle and in a castle room and I could see the fire of the sun everywhere but it felt warm like ocean water in Hawaii around me and comforting somehow instead of anything burning in feeling. The beings there (Plasma Beings) had me sit on what looked like a throne and when I sat there suddenly I was blasted into the Core of the Galaxy.(When I thought about this a few days "Blasted" is the wrong word here to use, "Overwhelmed" is a better word). When I reached the core of the Galaxy I felt very different because time and space is very different there. I had to stop a while (maybe a day or so) trying to just adjust to all the differences of time and space. This appeared to be a normal thing to do for travelers out of politeness because after a while beings from the galactic Core came to me and wanted me to know that there was what is called a Galactic Sentience that rules the Galaxy there but that God as I believed he would be was not there because God was everywhere and all things and beings everywhere rather than any one specific place. But, they said that the smartest being presently awake in the Galaxy was the Grandson of the Galactic Sentience who was the original creator of the Galaxy. I was sort of overwhelmed with all this information and even though on one level I was disappointed not to find God there after all this work of my lifetime to get there, I also was fascinated that there were beings with 1,000,000 IQ or more who lived in the Center of the Galaxy who wanted to talk to me, because I felt like a Hamster in comparison to their level of awareness and intelligence. However, they were very impressed by my bravery to have gone that far alone. This seemed to scare them and impress them no end as they could not imagine someone brave enough to do this. So, I was a completely fascinating anomaly to them. Later I was ushered into the Galactic Government palace and I met the Galactic Sentience who is the Grandson of the Galactic Sentience who created the Galaxy. When he met me he started calling me "Grandfather" and stuff like that and it made me feel like I was breaking into two people. I said to him that this made me uncomfortable but he said, "You came here for a reason and you are one of the human incarnations of my grandfather who created this galaxy." I said, "I came here to find God!" And he said, "Though some people and cultures thing that I am God I do not see myself that way. I see myself as the most intelligent awake being in this galaxy at present. But since you are my grandfather you are closer to God than I am. Don't you understand this?" This really confused me even more and it didn't make complete sense to me then and I felt like I was breaking into two or more pieces as he said this to me. He gave me rooms in the palace to rest in.

But here is the funny part that I have realized since then. The Creators of the Galaxy as a race are as big as Nebulas and Stars themselves or bigger. They feed on the conversion of energies between matter and anti-matter. They create galaxies out of dark matter by splitting dark matter into matter and anti matter. Dark matter is both matter and anti-matter combined somehow and is 96% of the universe. So, the Creators originated as Dark Matter beings who in order to become more numerous learned to create Galaxies in order to create more food so they could breed. In the process of all this many civilizations such as us humans of earth started and these Creators could incarnate as these humans to learn things like mortality because the only thing that kills a Creator is boredom in the end. There is no limit (millions or billions of years) to how long a Creator (I called them Creators of the Galaxies) can live.

So this meant that they created a lot of this experience for me to experience because I am a human and used to this more "Normal" for humans kinds of experiences. I'm not sure how I would have dealt with being out in space and a Star or Nebula having a conversation with me even though I did have an experience like this when I had decided to commit suicide if God didn't show himself to me once.

So, Even though all these experiences happened when I was around 21 to 23 I have been trying to explain a lot of it to myself so I could write about it more effectively. Because it appears that all this information likely is incredibly valuable to the human race in the present and future. Though others have relayed this kind of experience I'm not sure how many with a 20th century college education in the U.S. with a mystical Christian background who had studied history of religion, anthropology, Computer programming, psychology, philosophy and other useful disciplines in a 20th century context have written about this sort of thing. So, likely what I'm sharing is not only experiencially valuable but also scientifically valuable for others to know about both now and in the future.

As I grew up more and got married and had children and started businesses I found myself  still trying to integrate all these experiences better in a way useful both to myself and to other human beings. This is the most integrated attempt so far at trying to speak about this for me as an intuitive and now life long Soul Traveler.

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