Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ongoing harm from Chernobyl and Fukushima

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Though the Chernobyl disaster happened in 1986 there are still deformed children being born in that area with genetic abnormalities and children still getting Thyroid Cancer there all these years later as per "Nuclear Meltdown" CNBCHD Channel DVR program that aired on Sunday March 11th 2012. There are still areas in Wales  in England where the grass that sheep eat is so contaminated from  the fallout that reached all the way there and came down from the rain from Chernobyl that the sheep today still cannot be sold for slaughter to eat. So, sheep herders there have to make do by selling the wool. The winds from Chernobyl carried the Cesium and other radiation on the winds first to Scandinavia and then to Austria and Wales. It did not hit every place but only where it was brought to ground or water upon the rains. 

Though the vertical explosion of radiation was not as great in Fukshima likely the radiation there will have greater effects on soil and underground and surface water as it heads into the ocean. So likely around Fukushima all fish should be looked at with Geiger Counters. Unfortunately, fish and water going mammals up the chain like dolphins, sharks, killer whales, seals  and all the larger carnivorous fish and so on likely have radiation concentrated in their flesh. But also all these top of the food chain creatures travel great distances so people won't necessarily know when they catch a fish anywhere in the northern Pacific Ocean up the food chain that have been severely radiated from ingesting radiated fish from the Fukushima area.

Though someone might not get a very high dose of radiation from ingesting vegetables and fruits and nuts from near the Fukushima area, as soon as you turn to fish or animals radiated this is a very different story. Because all the radiation concentrates in the flesh of the animals ingesting radiated grains. But likely the highest of all dosages would come from fish at the top of the food chain who have eaten many highly radiated fish from the ocean next to Fukushima and then traveled elsewhere in Japan or anywhere in the northern pacific Ocean. (most fish would stay in the same basic warmness or coldness of water that they are used to rather than to head south towards the equator and warmer waters  as a general rule).

I have not heard of the effects of thyroid cancer on children in the Fukushima area yet. Likely this information would be suppressed by the Japanese government to avoid the panic of the general population. This would make perfect sense because in Japan there really isn't enough free land for everyone to go to because they are all on an island much like Great Britain in some ways. So, panicking the people might not be useful because they don't have anywhere else to go and still be in Japan. However, it is likely that many of the richer Japanese might send their children away to school in a non-radiated place like Hawaii or California so they don't get thyroid cancer or other forms of cancer. Because children's thyroid glands are still growing they are much more vulnerable to Thyroid cancer caused by nuclear radiation than adults whose thyroid glands have stopped growing and are more stable as a result.

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