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The Spiritual Human Biological Technological Interface

 The Human Biological Technological Interface
Transcendent Man

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The Spiritual component of all this is important because people who have had no exposure to western technology often die when treated with western medicine because it is foreign to their belief system. So, one's survival depends upon a person's belief system of what is going on as much as it does one's technological understanding of what is going on. For example, some people are completely terrified of flying to the point where unless they are drunk or drugged they can't fly. Whereas because I have learned to trust my life always to my intuition all I have to do is to ask the plane if it is going to crash. The answer usually is:" It will be turbulent over such and such an area but no one will cause this plane to crash." I have found the vehicles statement about the future always comes true. I have found as an intuitive that Planes, cars, motorcycles, buses, ships and all people conveyances are always very honest if you are an intuitive (at least they always have been with me). So, I could always base my life upon what they say to me and have a sense of well being no matter what was going on around me.  In fact, one time I asked a plane in Palm Springs if it would be okay before I boarded and it said it would be very turbulent just before we landed in San Jose but that everyone would survive. I listened and decided I could live with that. So, in the San Jose landing pattern when the plane suddenly flew straight up and almost everyone else screamed or threw up all over themselves I was okay. My wife asked me if we were going to die because she knew I usually knew the future. I said we would be okay so she was reassured. My then 3 year old daughter was going" Whee. This is fun!" while everyone else in the plane was screaming. So, we were okay and I knew we would be okay. (A plane had come up under us unauthorized and we already had a plane on our left and right wing  that were in a landing pattern alongside of us for landing on  different runways so our pilot had no direction left to go up straight up. My father and Grandfather had this sense with mechanical metal things including cars and trucks as well. I had one experience where I didn't have enough money then in the 1980s to buy a new tire so I was driving on metal threadbare tires back from Canada with my family. So, I heard the tire go whoosh and slowly deflate while driving through Klamath Falls, Oregon. I only had about 50 dollars on me at the time so I walked back to a tire shop within one block(God takes care of me) and found a used tire for 10 dollars and he put it on for 5 dollars. This tire lasted another few months and got the whole family safely back to our home on 2 1/2 acres in the Mt. Shasta area that day.

I began to understand better our spiritual connection to metal which comes from rocks when I was studying with Native American Medicine Men and Women in the early 1980s. I asked about the "Rock People to Charlie Thom who I was sweating with in his Sweat Lodge then. He said that the "Rock People" are some of those they bring into the sweats after heating them up on the fire outside. I said, "Can you speak with the Rock People?" He said, "Oh Yes. My ancestors and I have been talking to the rock people for thousands of years." So, I embarked on speaking with the rock people too. I found them very different than humans. Since often they are millions or more years old in constant consciousness they look upon us as their children or grandchildren and about the way we do deer fawns and flowers and trees. In other words they see us sort of like their children who they want to help survive. So, they are our family. So, the next time you ride in your car or truck or plane just realize you are with family that is trying to help you and take care of you. This spiritual experience will take away your fears in a useful way.

Here is a film being produced about Charlie Thom at this site if you are interested:

I just found another film already finished at called "Coyote's Journey: The Elder's Cut" and Charlie Thom is one of the stars of it. I really always liked Charlie Thom. He is Crazy Wisdom like me. If you don't know what Crazy Wisdom is another name for it would be: "The Wisdom Beyond Logic". In otherwords Crazy Wisdom Manifestations in any group or religion around the world are out to save lives and spirits even if it costs them their own lives. But because they are Crazy Wisdom and function intuitively usually they are perfectly safe when most others would often die. When you know your job given to you by God is to save bodies and souls you are protected by God in unimaginable ways always.

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