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reprint of: The Dragon who flew into the Sun

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Dragon who Flew to the Sun

The Dragon who Flew to the Sun. original fiction. My daughter put wallpaper on our Imac of a golden dragon flying toward the sun.I thought I'd write a children's story about it.

The Dragon was a golden Dragon but he didn't know that he was a dragon. He had forgotten. It would be more than 10 years before he would dream that he was a dragon and not a man. There is an old story in China about a man who slept and dreamed he was a butterfly and then he woke up and didn't know if he was a man dreaming he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming he was a man. The man who was a dragon was a little like this when he realized he had been a dragon all along 10 years later.

Anyway, the man who didn't know he was a dragon flew into the sun one night while he was dreaming. The people in the sun who liked to live in the sunfire there didn't burn up and didn't experience the heat because they were made of the flames too, like the sun itself.

The Dragon asked if they could help him get to God in the center of the Galaxy. So soon the dragon was in the center of the Galaxy. But when the dragon got to the Galactic core he didn't find God there so he was disappointed at first. But then the Emperor of the whole Galaxy said to him, "What a wonderful dragon you are. It has been so long since a dragon from Earth has come through the sun to visit me. I will grant you a wish!" The dragon thought for a moment and said, "Great Emperor of our Galaxy, please save Earth beings from ruin and extinction! They are still childish and haven't grown up as a species yet like you here in the center of the Galaxy. I fear for them and as a Dragon of Earth I must protect them. Will you help me oh Great Emperor of our Galaxy?"

The Great Emperor of the Galaxy said, "Oh Great Fire breathing dragon of Earth. I cannot fly to earth the way you can as I have many responsibilities here right now but my soul longs to fly to earth with you on your back. Please let a part of me ride back to earth with you like a happy free holy ghost on your back. Let me see through your eyes so I can understand your people so I can save them from perishing as a species. The Golden fire breathing dragon of earth said, "I will agree to that only if you save my people from extinction." The Emperor of the Galaxy said, "Then a part of me will fly back to earth with you so I will be able to know what to do and when to save them. Both the Emperor and the dragon were very happy as the Emperor needed to be free and the dragon needed to save his people and all the beings of earth.

Part of the spirit of the Emperor of the Galaxy now lives on earth with the Golden Dragon to protect the earth and all beings on it no matter what! 
Some of the things that I write or I channel as an intuitive I forget that I wrote. So, when I find again something like this that I wrote now about 4 years ago it is always a treat for me!

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