Friday, March 16, 2012

Studying Solar Flares

The more I study Solar Flares the more it makes me think that if there is one unexpected 2012 event that most of us never thought of it is Solar Flares combined with Magnetic Shield Cracks on Earth.

Magnetic Shield Cracks Found on Earth: Is affectin...

It is possible that these Magnetic Shield Cracks have come right along with Global Warming from effects directly from Humans on earth. It sort of makes me think things like "Will humans have to modify our bodies because we have destroyed the magnetosphere like Mars' magnetosphere has been destroyed?
And since there likely are no earth's nearby do we move underground hoping that the Earth itself will protect us while our magnetosphere fails? And what is really sad is that most people likely don't even realize the predicament that earth is in in regard to potentially losing all microchip based information or parts of it (if there is no non-magnetic redundant storage available for such a potential emergency).

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