Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hunger Games 2

I went to see an Imax version of Hunger Games today with my son and another friend. It was good to see it a second time because I didn't have to be freaked out about who was going to die next, I knew. So, I could look at other aspects of the movie and realized why this plot line is successful. First, it is an empowerment movie for young females and females of any age. It also depicts a female as calm and not hysterical in any way. My mother had a very quiet practical disposition like Catness in this movie and so I found her very believable and compassionate and yet pragmatic and focused as people who grow up out in the country in and with nature often are. So, this time my friend and my son compared this movie to "Logan's Run" and they saw the difference was that in Logan's run everyone eventually has to die at I believe either age 25 or age 30, whereas in "Hunger Games" the 12 to 18 year olds are considered tribute to the government to prevent any further rebellion. However, my friend said, "This doesn't seem like a good idea to me because it is only going to make people rebel when their children are murdered by other children in the Hunger Games." And I thought he had a good point in this and so this likely will lead to the next two books or two movies of the series. I haven't read them yet nor the first one. My wife says she wants to read them and my teenage daughter has read 2 3/4 of them already before seeing the first movie Friday night with her friends.

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