Thursday, March 8, 2012

Great Days For Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley’s Halcyon Days

I think it is useful for Americans and the world to read this article about Silicon Valley that starts above with "Silicon Valley's-----". Silicon Valley is in a real heyday that more people should be aware of. Begin quote from the article

Take Intel, which has been the leading maker of semiconductor chips for decades. You would think it might have settled into a quiet middle-aged company, slowing growth, nursing its franchise in the world of PCs. You would be very wrong. Not only does the company maintain committed to Moore’s Law, named after Intel founder Gordon Moore, of doubling the memory capacity of chips, it also has managed to increase its business substantially during the past three years, even as the global economy reeled. Revenue was $35 billion in 2009, $44 billion in 2010, and $54 billion in 2011, all that at a time when the growth of global PC sales has plateaued and in many countries declined as tablets have taken off.

It’s not just gaudy revenue numbers, however. Yes, most of the companies can boast billions, and none more than Apple or Google. Even Zynga, barely three years old, has 150 million users tapping away on its games on Facebook, and, which creates software that has altered how most companies manage their sales and staff, recently landed its first nine-figure contract. Even more striking is the way these companies describe the world in almost utopian terms, as one that is becoming more efficient for companies, more empowering for individuals, and more beneficial for society. end quote.

So, as bad as the economy might be other places, Silicon Valley's economy is blazing right along with Apple, Google, Intel, Facebook, and even Zynga and many others. It's difficult to understand why most of the country seems unaware of these facts? Maybe it's because of California's difficulties as a state. However, there likely are still more wealthy people than almost anywhere on earth living in California. It is the state government of California that is having problems not businesses like Apple, Intel or Facebook, and just one of the many paradoxes of living in California like I do.

I really liked the attitude of the author of this article. He is just one of many of the thousands to millions of Californians and of people who come to California from all over the world to be the leaders of the next 1000 years of innovations here on planet Earth.

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