Saturday, March 17, 2012

Proxy War

The Civil War in Syria has become a Proxy War which reminds me more of the old Cold War than anything else which most people thought ended in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This is a dangerous precedent especially for China, Russia, Iran, and to some degree Iraq on one side with Syria and for the rest of the world on the other side supporting the democratization of Syria and the end of the Assad regime and the bringing to trial for War Crimes of all the Higher ups in the Syrian Government now, including Assad.

Because of this "Cold War" element it appears to me that the western World and Russia and China are on a more dangerous by the day collision course with no end in sight because the opposition in Syria is not stupid and just like the Libyans the Sunni Opposition will never give up and has a motto similar to the Libyan motto which is: "We fight or we die". This is only going to get worse for oil and for the western world and for Russia and China and Iran. This proxy war is a losing proposition for everyone, especially for the tortured and dying in droves, Sunni Syrians. It looks like another war without end with serious New Cold War overtones.

Even though I now believe that Assad will fall and that democracy will come to Syria and that Syria in this sense will become more similar to Egypt and Libya in regard to democracy, the weapons going into Syria from Russia and Iran and by air from Iran over Iraq is an increasing problem for the whole world. The only country actually financially benefiting from this is Russia whose government is funded by oil prices. So, the Russian position must be suspect in this sense by the rest of the world.

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