Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flying robot films African Wildlife

Microdrones' flying robot films African wildlife, finds peace with nature

Sit back, relax and grab a cold one, because you're about to take an aerial tour of the Serengeti, courtesy of that flying drone you're staring at. Developed by Microdrones, this MD4-100 quadrotor was recently sent off to Kenya, where it gathered footage for a TV nature documentary produced by TBS Japan. By hovering over the terrain, the craft was able to get relatively up close and personal with zebras, elephants and other wildlife, without creating the same kind of disturbance that heavy duty, camera-laden trucks can wreak. Presumably, that's because the animals have no idea what to make of a flying robot, though part of us wants to believe there's some sort of full-circle, techno-evolutionary dynamic at work here, momentously bringing bot and beast together in some sort of pre-apocalyptic symbiosis. But that's just us. Hover past the break to see the video for yourself.
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I wasn't able to find a word button for the robot flying with African wildlife so you will have to paste the above address or type it in to see it.

Here is the website for the company that makes this particular one:

Microdrones RC UAV - industrial level aerial photography, aerial ...

This one appears to be manufactured in Switzerland for use in conjunction with Fire and Rescue of victims. Most of this type have a Video Camera on board. So, if the camera is transmitting someone can receive the live video transmission under ideal conditions.

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