Saturday, March 10, 2012

Past Lives in the Future

My almost 23 year old daughter and her boyfriend went to a healing conference and as we were having dinner at a Thai Restaurant they were talking about it. They were speaking about meeting someone who heals using a technique I watched a documentary movie about when I was about 12 regarding healers who reach inside people's bodies to pull out blood and physical infirmities. However, materialistic people might have a lot of trouble with this kind of thing because it doesn't fit in their reality. However, as an intuitive I have experienced all sorts of things that go way beyond the 5 senses for over 63 years now ongoing. My daughter was talking about meeting someone who was reading Akashic Records. And I was trying to ask a question about separating Akashic records from DNA memories. And we both agreed that Akashic records are existing records of every thought and action or even non-action of anything on planet earth since it was created and how it is possible for some people to pick up on this if they find it useful. Whereas DNA memories are inside of our DNA of all our ancestors up until they conceived us both male and female going back thousands and thousands of years. This is likely scientifically possible to unravel eventually. And it might take a little longer for science to take a machine to a location and to show everyone who is interested every single thing that has ever happened at that location. Or I suppose you could also follow every single thought and experience of every single living thing on earth for millions of years as well.

Most of my life I didn't believe it was possible to remember one's future lives if one had already lived them as a soul. However, by the late 1990s I realized that this was possible to as I had written about Arcane and his experiences with Eridian (Meridian). What I found remarkable is that a soul starts out in each (or most types of lives) as a baby or something like that and has to relearn most stuff over again. However, memories of what one learns or gains in a lifetime often follow one to another lifetime or lifetimes with them in the past, present or future as well. It all depends upon how wise a person becomes whether what they have learned passes onto the next lifetime. Or I suppose if you believe in reincarnation you could pray for your good qualities like intelligence, intuitive wisdom, artisitic ability or musical ability or whatever, that they all follow you into the heaven realms and into future lifetimes should your soul want to or need to for whatever the reason.

I have come to the conclusion that most beings tend to reincarnate because they get bored after thousands of years in a heaven realm(s) and want to visit their friends or relatives who also might be reincarnating somewhere in some time in some place. So, maybe one of the factors of reincarnation is boredom and another is people ( who rescue other people sort of like Doctors, Nurses, and Emergency Medical personnel. There are souls like this too.

However, if you don't believe in reincarnation I think that's great too. Because I'm not convinced that all souls reincarnate. In fact, many angels tell me that they have never incarnated as humans and never intend to ever. If you want to ask them why I suggest you ask them for yourself as I think that would be more meaningful than me commenting on their very personal choices.

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