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Spiritual Witnessing Part 2

Spiritual Witnessing

Part 1 I just call Spiritual Witnessing which you can read by clicking the above word button if you wish.

I decided to make a second part because the first part is a part of me that came directly from God without being indoctrinated into ANY religion because I as only 2 when Archangel Michael and his Band of Archangels came into my room to save my body from death and to move me forward as a soul traveler like an angel or Archangel while still in human form here on earth  simultaneously.

My next experiences came after I was indoctrinated into my parents religion starting about ages 4 or 5 on up until the following experiences happened between ages 10 and 15.

At age 10 years of age I had delivered my newspapers "The Glendale News Press" there in Glendale, California.  I was living in a rented home with my parents near Maple Park then at that time on Belmont.
I came home at 6 am after delivering my newspapers (around 120 papers) and went to sleep only to experience a black hand strangling me in my dreams, only the black had became real and I woke up with my head in my mother's lap in a sweat and terrified. My mother said, "Go Back to sleep you had a bad dream." But what had really happened is that I had had my first epileptic Seizure from a blow to the head while hiking in Chilao Park in the Angeles National Forest in the mountains nearby about 40 minutes away by car from Glendale. I had fallen about 9 feet backwards onto the back of my head while climbing on rocks and likely had a concussion. But my father was someone who didn't believe in doctors unless you were dying. So, I got no care for my concussion and just toughed it out like many did then in the world and some still do.

So, after this first seizure in my sleep I had about one seizure in my sleep about every 6 months. Something would come and strangle me and I would have a seizure in my dreams. This was pretty terrifying to experience being murdered in your dreams in your sleep about once every 6 months or so. I became and agnostic about age 12 and wasn't sure about God because religious people all seemed so crazy to me then as a boy slowly becoming a man. Finally at age 14 I had a really bad seizure where I was so terrified I tried to get up and run to my parents room for help while going into a pre aura experience just before the complete seizure takes place. Unfortunately, my door was ajar and smashed my nose and knocked me unconscious. I woke up with a pool of blood surrounding my head from blood coming out of my nose. My parents were very scared for me. My father said, "You've got to get some religion under your belt, son or you might die!" As I sat on the floor and shook and quaked in terror of this experience I vowed to myself to get religion because I didn't want to die!

So, I started going to my parents church 3 or 4 times a week. They had been in charge of this church in Los Angeles from the time I was 6 to 12 years of age and my mother's father died and she went into a nervous breakdown from his death. So, my parents were still ministers there they just weren't in charge of the church there anymore because of my grandfather's passing on and my mother's grief.

So, when I was 15 a seizure was going to hit and in terror I invoked God to live in my body with me forever by saying, "I AM in Command here". All the energies attacking me became my army of light. Within two months of doing this my physical appearance completely changed and girls started falling in love with me a lot. I knew that they were falling in love with God who now lived inside my body with me and at first I was confused and jealous of this. I knew they weren't falling in love with me because this was God they fell in love with. However, eventually I realized that I was one with God anyway, so my point of view was kind of ridiculous. Everyone ultimately was one with God, the difference was I knew it was happening and so God lived inside of me and empowered my every feeling, thought and action. I felt like I had a tiger by the tail and that one day God would eat me and I would be no more. So, living with God inside of me was a new kind of terror at first even though from the moment I invoked God to live with me inside my body I never ever had another seizure. So, God tricked me into being a physical empowerment of him ongoing. Unless you have had this kind of experience it might not make sense to you but my experience after this moment is a lot like experiences of the prophets out of the old testament. God has been very harsh and firm with me but at the same time any who interfered with me were treated harshly by him as well. It is sort of like being a Prince and a son of God on earth. And like a Prince I have an Army of God to protect me in a completely supernatural way beyond time and space. I witness this to you that you can invoke God to live in your body with you too and experience ALWAYS BEING PROTECTED BY GOD 24 hours a day, forever!

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