Saturday, March 31, 2012

What you put your attention upon you become

As I was a little child growing up this is one of the things my parents impressed upon me. That literally, "What you put your attention upon you become". At the time I didn't take this very seriously but just went on with my little life. But, as time went on I found this to be more and more true in my life on every level. It appeared more and more at every turn that one literally created their lives by what they focused on and how they related with whatever it was. And as I grew up as an intuitive this I found was even more true for me than for most people. Because as I moved forward in life I found that often what I thought about would happen. So, at times this could get really scary and other times it would be equally wonderful.

So then, I came up with another truism for all people but especially for those who are intuitively gifted like myself, "Be very careful what you desire because you may get it!" This statement both carries the potential promise but also the potential of what actually can happen if you desire things that in the end might not be useful or even survivable in your life. Because very often what I desired I actually got and at least 1/2 the time it wasn't what I wanted very much or not at all, especially when I was under 30 years of age. On the good side of this one finds out very quickly what one wants and what one doesn't want. On the bad side of this one hopes that one doesn't manifest something that is permanently maiming or fatal into one's life.

So, since I am very aware that what I think I want will often manifest here in the physical world it makes me think twice now and to consider the consequences of anything I think I want or desire now as an older man. Somehow I survived all the desires and manifestations of my youth and earlier parts of my life and now I have to think ever more carefully what I'm manifesting for myself and all around me. Is God a part of all this? Yes. For me, God and angels are ever near and with me and so if I'm not sure about something I will often ask them of the wisdom of wanting this or that for myself or for others. And usually I will get a very wise answer because now often my decisions might affect 100s or thousands of people directly or indirectly connected to my life and life's work. So, having God involved creates better outcome for everyone.

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