Monday, March 26, 2012

Merlin on SyFy Channel

I have been watching the British TV show Merlin for several years now with my wife. At first even though I liked the show I felt it wasn't really depicting the historic Merlin which has Merlin being much older than Arthur. However, as a believable story this one also works as I was thinking tonight. What better protector for Arthur than a incognito Merlin who is his manservant and studying to be a healer with Gaius, the Court Doctor or Healer. I can see how Merlin even while a young man could if he was gifted could teach and protect Arthur from Harm.

However, I presently believe that Padmasambhava and Merlin were the same person. What led me to this idea was when I was in Rewalsar, India which is a Padmasambhava holy place. I have also been to Glastonbury Tor and Glastonbury Abbey which is in Glastonbury, England where Arthur was buried after he died when because it rained more then was on the Isle of Avalon (an island in the middle of a lake). Also, Padmasambhava who brought Tibetan Buddhism to Tibet was Pink Skinned like Britishers even though he was thought at the time to be from Afghanistan. If Merlin began as a Celtic priest in England as a Druid he might have traveled to the far east to learn raising his body from the dead and other Siddhis that would have been helpful for Merlin to help Arthur Create Camelot in all its glory. If Merlin went in his 20s or before to India and to Nepal and Tibet after he became a Mahasiddha this also would make sense. And then if he took himself and his knowledge and gifts to Tibet and pragmatically allowed Buddhism and the local Bon Po religion to join much like Catholicism and local religions join in South America and other colonized parts of the world it would make sense. Then if Merlin in his 40s and 50s went back to England to help Arthur grow up and become King and Create Camelot it all works. This is what I believe at present from everything I have found out along the way through external and internal research in the U.S., England, India and Nepal.

Also, I have also written about Jesus (Yesu, Yeshua) (Yesu and Yeshua are what Jesus was actually called in ancient Aramaic, his native tongue)


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