Saturday, March 24, 2012

Don't Snore Yourself to Death

Many people snore more as they age. My wife tells me I'm pretty loud now at 63. Some say "Don't snore yourself to death" because as you snore often your brain becomes oxygen starved. So, what they say has some credence. So, how can you not snore so much so your brain gets more oxygen. You can wear all the devices available that work for you. However, none of them have worked permanently for me. So, recently we bought an electric bed so I could sleep with my head higher then my body. But then my wife can't sleep because we are on a king size bed. So, more recently I bought a foam wedge to elevate my upper body and then put two pillows on top of that. This seems to work pretty well for me. It doesn't affect me wife because it is a foam wedge that is only on my side of the bed. I snore less because my body is no longer flat while I sleep. I am much more alert than I used to be when I wake up in the morning etc. So, for each of us finding a method to snore less is an ongoing task. I have also heard of people sleeping in lounge chair and lazy-boys to keep their heads and upper torsos elevated above the rest of their bodies to prevent snoring. All of these methods prevent oxygen deprivation to their brains at night while snoring and the older you get the more snoring can be fatal or brain damaging. So, if you want to live a long time and still have a brain that works this is something to give some thought to.

Several days later: This morning I was dreaming for several hours and it reminded me of my dreams as a young man while asleep. Later in life I was snoring more and this interrupted my normal dream cycles and I didn't feel rested when I woke up in the morning because of snoring. However, now I am sleeping on a foam wedge so it elevates my upper body and then I put one pillow across it on the highest portion and then another crumpled up which elevates my head about 10 to 20 inches above the bed. This prevents most of my snoring and I wake up refreshed which is something amazing for someone who has snored more and more over the years. It is like returning to the good health of when I was 15 again. Beautiful!

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